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The demand for building materials has increased, driving the price of glass to start to rise

cement industry: last week, the national average price of cement increased by 0.38% month on month, and the price increase area was expanded as scheduled. In East China, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanchang and Nantong, the price increased by yuan/ton. In Central China and Eastern Hubei, a major breakthrough was finally made in the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity in early June this year, and the price in Changde and Chenzhou increased by yuan/ton. The inventory of enterprises continued to decline, especially in East China, maintaining the early judgment that East China cement has price elasticity. Although the investment growth rate continued to decline in August, and real estate sales and land transactions did not improve, the downward trend in the growth rate of new housing starts continued to narrow, and the growth rate of cement demand basically stabilized at 3%, and did not continue to decline

glass industry: last week, the average price of float glass was 1296.6 yuan/ton, up 37.1 yuan/ton or 2.95% from last week, with East China, South China and Sichuan rising. The national float glass inventory was 3.373 million weight boxes, with a ring increase of 1.05%. The inventory of many manufacturers was still at a normal low level, and 30 patents were applied for. It is expected that the float glass market will still rise steadily. The demand for photovoltaic glass remained weak in the short term, and the mainstream transaction price of the 3.2mm original film continued 5 yuan/square meter. The transaction price of coated glass flow is 5 yuan/square meter, unchanged from last week. Last week, the distributed photovoltaic adjustment policy was implemented, which is expected to drive the recovery of industry investment in the future

other building materials: Recently, we investigated Beixin building materials, and we believe that the ceiling of the company has not yet arrived

mainly due to: 1. The stock decoration market has started, and the growth rate of industry demand has exceeded market expectations. It is expected to remain above 20% in the next three years. 2. Cooperate with major real estate developers to further lock in the terminal market, and the market share has increased steadily. 3. Gypsum board, keel, structural steel, coating and other products are developed in a coordinated manner, diluting the channel cost, with a total of 180 d=5a, and boosting performance

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