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Youth does not stop, not stop! Pay tribute to the dream chasing youth

youth never stops and keeps walking! Pay tribute to the dream chasing youth

China Construction machinery information

the May 4th spirit

Youth pursues a new era of dreams

generation after generation of temporary working youth, live up to the "trust", have no regrets for their youth

interpret "reliability" with actions, and engrave the most beautiful appearance of youth

they are young, full of enthusiasm, and positive

they are dedicated, self-improvement, hard work and enterprising

they work hard and dare to explore They are willing to devote themselves, have ideals, skills and responsibilities, and contribute their own strength to China's move towards a manufacturing power

tell you their youth Stories:

1. Huang Linshuang

young literary and artistic women who sell excavators, service first

young literary and artistic women after 95 who like to indulge in books

Huang Linshuang Linshuang

now, they are a member of the 400 call center of the temporary work marketing company

receive and make a return visit

track the processing process of each order throughout the process

carefully, build a bridge between temporary work and customers

I have been employed for nearly one year, She said that when she was just working, she was able to meet the temporary worker

and prosper with the Rongyan

2, Zhang Tao

simulation analysis experts. She was determined to explore and advance

for 15 years, make unremitting efforts and adhere to

in-depth research on simulation technology

based on research and development needs, Lead the team to explore in many fields

promote product innovation and design, improve the core competitiveness of products

make a significant contribution to the reliability of the company's products

adhere to the temporary mission of "creating and making the world a new place"

facing the challenges of the future, he deeply felt that his great

will change the pressure into a driving force for progress, and make unremitting efforts

3. Zhao Zhiyun

six years as a day, Interpreting the "attitude" of legal people

Zhao Zhiyun, temporary legal affairs department, has been engaged in legal affairs for more than 6 years

outstanding employees in 2019

maintain a consistent perseverance and attitude

from the collection of creditor's rights, to the handling of litigation cases, legal support

be strict with yourself, be diligent and responsible, be in awe

look at the changing market, and be able to react if you don't know enough, And studious

in her view,

in the operation of "not being serious and responsible but not doing a good job", we should do "understand business, dare to take responsibility, raise integrity, and do something"

temporary workers

4, Wang Lei

workshop "all-round workers", technological innovation achievements

Wang Lei is a member of the temporary parts bridge workshop improvement team

is a "all-round worker" who independently carries out on-site improvement and innovation activities

innovation empowers and focuses on technological transformation, 91 achievements

save millions of production and manufacturing costs for temporary work

study hard and make progress, work hard without waiting for the whip

be expert and versatile, and strive to be the first to solve problems for the team

care about "everyone", regardless of personal gains and losses

5, Zhou Nansen

"rebel", light up life in adhering to the ordinary

Zhou Nansen (second from the right), an ordinary member of the temporary work brand communications department

the current epidemic,the, He chose to go through a severe and special test

travel 800 kilometers day and night

escort 150 tons of vegetables to aid Hubei

not afraid of the hardships of the road, not afraid of the dangerous virus

28 days of isolation, without complaint

he felt that he was just an ordinary person

just did what he should do as a temporary worker

6, Kong Dongdong

was happy as "Bole", knowing people and doing good deeds

head of temporary human resources talent evaluation module, Kong Dongdong

has been engaged in technology research and development

continues to be professional and rigorous

improves the independent evaluation system of talents

improves the vocational skill standard system

music is "Bole", dare to be "Bole", and strictly control the consumer market of waste plastics.

he knows that selecting and employing people focuses on accurately recognizing people

strive to maximize the value of talents and position efficiency

7 Feng Shangcheng

conscientiously, be a good "gatekeeper" of excavator shipment

Feng Shangcheng, the "gatekeeper" of temporary excavator shipment work

timely inspection and frequent communication, and the ring acceptance of each process

be good at the last pass of excavator delivery

ensure that products are delivered to customers without errors

timely and fully ensure market supply

work overtime, and he is always busy at the departure

with perseverance, Little by little, quietly adhere to

behind every satisfaction, is his love and responsibility

8. Li Jianping

"women are no match for men", soft shoulders are also tough

Li Jianping, temporary assembly and manufacturing technical engineer

ten years of hard work, breakthrough and innovation, and guarantee assembly quality

from technical improvement to standard preparation, countless awards

as a publicity member of the business department

got out of the workshop, Get on the stage

sex is like spring water, and don't let men

dream of a new era, "her power" blooms on the road

9. Liu Jiabin

the mask brother who sticks to the "epidemic" line

the mission and responsibility printed on his face

Liu Jiabin, a simple veterans

fight hard in the front-line guard of temporary work epidemic prevention

when it comes, Charge ahead

check the safety of nearly 2000 foreign personnel in total

check the safety of more than 670 employees living in staff apartments

disinfection and sterilization more than 1000 foreign vehicles without accidents

build a safe line of defense for the temporary work

take off the mask, he is also a son, husband and father with higher mobility, better surface performance and better UV stability Pro

but he knows that behind him is the temporary work

protect himself, is a colleague, is a friend, is a family

have a "small home", guard "everyone",

a mask, see the role between inches

10 Zhao Shuangsheng, the leader of "digitalization" of quality management, is determined to innovate. Zhao Shuangsheng, who has been on temporary duty for 14 years, has always been deeply rooted in the front of quality management. He has deepened lean management and control, and is determined to innovate. He has realized the automatic statistical analysis of quality information. He has promoted the reform of quality management mode with digitalization and intelligence. He firmly believes that the idea of

determines the way out, The pattern determines the future

11. Zhang Zhan

the pioneer of technological transformation, the ingenuity of the teacher

Zhang Zhan, the leader of the technological transformation project with great concentration

in recent years, he has led and participated in more than 60 technological transformation projects

from project planning, feasibility analysis to implementation, debugging and application

patience, concentration, excellence, overcoming difficulties step by step

full of honor, still forge ahead

ingenuity protection, tireless, Inherit skills

walk out of a new path of apprenticeship

he said that

this is inseparable from the temporary stage and cultural edification

be a reliable young supercapacitor: because graphene has a very high surface area to mass ratio

let's pay tribute to the professionalism of workers and the creativity of young people

inspired by the "May 4th spirit", inherit the craftsman spirit,

with the belief of "reliable bearing heavy trust", take on the mission of a new generation,

experience in taking on, and grow in fulfilling their responsibilities

sharpen your will and quality, and maintain your youthful demeanor forever

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