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Youyin communication successfully signed the "ocean e-purchase" to help upgrade the service of e-commerce platform

recently, Youyin communication officially signed a three-year contract with Qingdao Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd.'s ocean e-purchase e-commerce platform filler 4.0~6.0 (hereinafter referred to as ocean e-purchase) to become a service partner

COSCO e-purchase is an e-commerce platform independently built by Qingdao Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd., which integrates import duty paid commodity transactions and cross-border duty-free commodity transactions, and integrates online and offline. The platform was officially launched in May 2019. As a cross-border e-commerce platform under COSCO, with its professionalism and convenience, it received more than 10000 hits on its first day of launch and achieved gratifying transaction volume

e shidailuo has gradually become the first choice for people's home information, entertainment, shopping and life. According to Baidu data, since the outbreak of the epidemic, put the experimental film on the fulcrum platform and press the experimental film from above with a pressure head. The C-pillar panel of education and medicine is much larger than the previous model. The overall popularity of the four major industries of treatment, entertainment and fresh e-commerce has increased by more than 100% month on month, and the demand for remote office has increased by 663% month on month in the past 30 days. However, behind the crazy growth of the number, in addition to the high requirements for platform products and technologies, it is also a major test of the service ability. Because online consumption is more uncertain than offline face-to-face transactions, while experiencing the convenience of staying at home, it often makes consumers have difficulties in consulting and complaints. Therefore, online platform businesses need to reach transactions in an environment of high trust. How can we quickly establish contact with consumers, and how can we quickly solve pre-sales doubts and after-sales problems? How to establish a good consumption relationship? It has become a compulsory course for contemporary online enterprises

as a cross-border e-commerce platform under COSCO, COSCO e-buy naturally has higher requirements for its own services. In order to better serve platform customers, ensure that users' questions are answered in the purchase process, and the after-sales service is solved in a timely and effective manner. The platform decided to set up a unified customer service to meet the functional needs and establish a professional brand image to better serve consumers

after careful comparison and research in the early stage, COSCO e-purchase took the initiative to contact Youyin communication and negotiate relevant service needs. Finally, Zhang Meng, the customer manager of Youyin communication, selected the company services as the e-commerce platform in the actual production for COSCO e-purchase for the service center of the e-commerce platform of the trade department. And set exclusive RBTS for enterprises, so that consumers can enjoy professional services and consultation replies by dialing. As the unified national access number of COSCO e-buy, the 400 number can be set with multiple answering numbers in the background, which can be automatically transferred to the corresponding staff seat to answer after access. When the multi-channel calls at the same time, it can also be automatically transferred to other service personnel to answer in order to ensure that the service is not busy, so as to achieve timely feedback, timely communication and timely solution

in addition, the 400 provided by Youyin communication is also completely free of geographical restrictions. Even if there is a change of office location in the future, there is no need to wire or replace the hardware. It can still be used as an important tool and intangible asset in the e-purchase service of COSCO. This function can effectively ensure the stability and efficiency of the service, and also improve customer satisfaction to a certain extent, Help the platform to better manage and upgrade services

Youyin communication has been involved in the field of enterprise communication for more than ten years, providing communication services to 500000 enterprise customers across the country. Its professional hard power and word-of-mouth soft power have also been recognized by more and more enterprises. At the same time, Youyin communication is also constantly innovating its cooperation mode, upgrading its products and services, actively responding to the policy call, and strengthening its support for online innovation platform services. In the future, Youyin communication will continue to work hard to provide enterprises with more diversified communication solutions, and improve their communication office experience and service capabilities with high-quality products

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