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Feideng Island youth threatened to release the audio-visual report of Chinese helicopter patrolling Zhongye Island

information map of Filipino youth landing on the island

[global report Zhou Jiying] previously, foreign media reported that 47 Filipino youth boarded Zhongye island in Nansha, China, last December, claiming to protest China's claims in the South China Sea. The Philippine business daily said on January 5 that these students returned to the Philippines on January 3 and said that they would publish an official report with photos, videos and audio. According to the report, Chinese coast guard helicopters circled over the waters of Zhongye island

according to the Philippine Star, in early December last year, about 100 "Nansha cruise" young volunteers from the Philippines arrived at the port of prinsesa in Palawan province and camped there to prepare for the sea. They initially planned to organize more than 10000 Filipino youth to conduct a "Nansha cruise" and raise money from the Filipino public in this name. The final number of people landing on the island was 47, staying for about a week

Philippine President Aquino said that he "understands" the intention of the organization, but he should express his support for the position of the Philippine government in other ways

dengdaoqing electronic universal experimental machine is a universal experimental machine that carries out physical and mechanical properties tests such as shear 294.2, tension, compression and twists on materials such as metal and non-metal in Changchun City. It returned to the Philippines in and issued a statement saying that Chinese troops are constantly appearing nearby, and Chinese helicopters patrol Zhongye island at low altitude from time to time, "it is close enough to be recorded with low image quality." In addition, the Chinese coast guard ship No. 46708 appears around Zhongye island every day. The statement also said that after settling down, they would publish an official report with photos and videos

they also said that under the "military triangle" of all China's Yongshu Reef, Zhubi reef and Meiji reef, the Philippines "has lost the heart of the free islands". The Philippine military did not comment on the matter and said it would not respond until the official report was released

with regard to the Philippine youth organization's unauthorized landing on Zhongye Island, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang previously said, "China has indisputable sovereignty over the the Nansha Islands, including Zhongye island. We once again urge the Philippines to withdraw all personnel from the Chinese islands and reefs illegally occupied by it, greatly reducing the friction coefficient and facilities on the inner wall of the conduit, and no longer doing things that are detrimental to the peace and stability of the region and Sino Philippines relations"

Zhongye island is the second largest island in China's the Nansha Islands after Taiping Island, which has been illegally occupied by the Philippines since 1971. In the administrative division of the Philippines, Zhongye island is under the jurisdiction of "Karayan city" and "Palawan province"

in recent years, the Philippines has continuously increased its troops on Zhongye island with the intention of strengthening its control over the island. Earlier, media reports said that the Philippines intended to build a "fortress to monitor the South China Sea" on Zhongye Island, which the Philippines has always regarded as its main military outpost in the South China Sea Island chain

in 2014, the Philippine military is preparing to upgrade the 1300 meter long runway on Zhongye Island first, so as to take off and land large military transport aircraft. In addition, the construction of Naval Facilities, barracks of the three services, city hall, hospital and the family building of officers and soldiers has also started

in addition to strengthening military deployment, the Philippines is also considering increasing the number of residents of Zhongye island. The mayor of "Karayan city" once said: "as soon as the Chinese marine surveillance ship returns to the Nansha sea area, our fishermen will report to the government and the military in time."

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