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Yang Xiaosheng: to seize the commanding height of wind power development, we need to face the opportunities and tests

at present, the development speed of wind power in China has greatly exceeded expectations and has entered the fast lane of development. Yang Xiaosheng, chief engineer of Longyuan Power Group (hereinafter referred to as Longyuan Power), who has more than 20 years of wind power experience, said that with the development of a large number of wind turbines in recent years, wind power has shown great potential to replace stone to promote the use of fossil energy such as oil and coal in the fields of auto parts, rail trains, electronics and so on

at the end of 2009, China's installed wind power capacity doubled for four consecutive years, surpassing Germany for the first time and ranking second in the world. Vigorously developing wind energy is not only the need for China to cope with global climate change, but also the need to improve China's energy structure and maintain the sustainable development of China's energy industry. Yang Xiaosheng said

he believes that there is little difference between the overall level of wind power development in China and the world's advanced level. It is incumbent on China's wind power practitioners to seize this round of upsurge in new energy development, seize the commanding heights and highlight the influence of big countries in the international community

three market opportunities

with the rapid development of China's wind power industry, the wind power equipment manufacturing industry has also ushered in a rare development opportunity. Yang Xiaosheng said that if the target of wind power installation is adjusted to achieve 150million kW by 2020, the corresponding output value of wind power equipment will reach about 750billion yuan

as he expected, the big cake of the wind power market has attracted all kinds of resources to wind turbine manufacturing. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 80 wind turbine manufacturers in China. Yang Xiaosheng believes that only through fierce market competition can enterprises accelerate the pace of digesting and absorbing international advanced wind energy technology, and encourage enterprises to constantly research and innovate, produce and manufacture high-quality fans

secondly, he believes that the rapid development of wind power is also a rare development opportunity for China's wind power technology research. It is reported that since 2004, the cost of introducing wind power technology, carrying out innovative research, and purchasing test facilities invested by the state and relevant enterprises has exceeded 1billion yuan. At present, a number of new scientific and technological achievements are continuously used in wind power

at the same time, he believes that the research of wind power technology should also strive for perfection at the current level, further strengthen basic research and material technology research, strive to improve the quality of equipment and the availability of unit operation, and create and improve brand units with independent intellectual property rights

in his view, the challenge posed by the rapid development of wind power in China to power is actually a great opportunity for power development. With a wind power installed capacity of 150million kW, the final electricity generated should be consumed and distributed to users, which in itself is a huge business opportunity

he believes that this is exactly the best time for large-scale development of power and corresponding technological transformation. In the process of wind power development, power construction will be enriched and strengthened, involving more business types and expanded business scope. It can be predicted that power enterprises may benefit the most in the future. Yang Xiaosheng said

face the three tests

behind the rapid development of wind power, the three major issues also deserve our attention. Yang Xiaosheng bluntly said that the first problem is the mismatch between the development of electricity and wind power

China's wind energy resources are mostly distributed in the northwest, North China, northeast and other regions, which are far away from the eastern load center. Although the renewable energy law stipulates that power enterprises should purchase the electricity of renewable energy and power generation projects within their electricity coverage in full and provide services. However, there are still difficulties in the implementation, and the transmission of wind power is restricted

as Yang Xiaosheng said, at present, in Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other places, although some wind farms have been built and the unit commissioning has been completed, due to the lack of electricity, the wind power cannot be connected in the strong wind season, so the wind turbines have to be shut down or partially shut down

according to incomplete statistics, the power lost by major wind power enterprises in China due to power rationing in 2008 was about 372million kwh, and the power lost from January to May 2009 was about 615million kwh. The power loss was more serious in the second half of 2009. Although the construction of supporting facilities has been strengthened, the overall loss of electricity is still increasing due to the continuous improvement of the construction speed of wind power. Yang Xiaosheng said so

secondly, he believes that the quality of domestic wind turbines also needs to be improved

at present, the problem of poor quality of domestic equipment has been gradually exposed. In 2007, the former showed significantly better oxidation resistance than the latter in the temperature zone of pest phenomenon. During the two years of 2008, the construction of wind farms in China was plagued by problems such as timely replacement of production equipment, late delivery and non matching of equipment, long commissioning time of units, failure of transferred units to pass the operation assessment, and failure of wind turbines and projects to be put into production on time. Even after the wind farm is put into operation, there are many quality and technical failures, such as blade fracture, hub crack, gearbox failure, motor failure, etc. In his view, since it is not yet the high incidence period of quality failures of mechanical equipment, the real quality problems have not been fully exposed, and greater challenges are still ahead

finally, he believes that the current regulations, policies and industry services related to the wind power field also need to be improved

he said that although China has promulgated the renewable energy law, it still needs to be refined and the obligations of all parties in the wind power industry chain need to be further stipulated

he also stressed that although China's wind power design and consulting institutions, academic organizations, association organizations, information intermediary certification tests, professional operation and maintenance and other wind power service institutions have also been established and played an increasingly important role, at present, various systems are not perfect, and the authority, coordination and reputation of relevant service institutions need to be improved


these problems are new problems in the large-scale development of wind power. If these problems are not solved, they will affect the healthy and sustainable development of wind power, and also cause certain waste and risks in the case of the rapid development of wind power. Therefore, he suggested that in the next step, China should first improve the renewable energy law, issue the implementation rules on the development of wind power as soon as possible, and clarify the obligations and rights of survey and planning departments, investment and development enterprises, equipment manufacturers, power enterprises, industrial technical services to wind power consumption

secondly, we need to actively study and formulate wind power investment guidance policies, especially electricity price policies, to create a business environment for wind power investment. At present, many developers regard wind power development as a strategic investment. In order to transform social behavior into commercial investment behavior, it is necessary to make wind power investment profitable, so as to protect the enthusiasm of investment and make wind power investment develop in the long run. Yang Xiaosheng said frankly

thirdly, he believes that the renewable energy development quota system should be implemented, which should be allocated to both power generation enterprises and corresponding power distribution enterprises, as well as large power users. The quota should be based on the power generation quota, so as to avoid the tendency of emphasizing construction and neglecting management. At the same time, we should ensure the full amount of wind power and make contributions to the development of wind power. Power enterprises that have their own losses should be compensated as appropriate. 5 Servo cylinder stroke: 1600mm; Or reward. Those who cause losses due to the obstruction of wind power development shall be compensated or punished according to law

finally, he suggested to study and formulate the norms and relevant standards of the wind power industry, standardize the behavior of the power generation industry, support the establishment of a perfect technical and management service system of the wind power industry, and support large-scale academic organizations, associations, design consulting institutions, etc. in the wind power industry to serve the healthy development of wind power

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