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Youyin communication successfully signed a contract with the Red Cross

recently, Beijing Youyin Communication Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with the China human organ donation management center of the Red Cross. The two sides will achieve strategic cooperation in 400 value-added services and jointly serve the work of human organ donation in China

service wins trust

as a national public service department, China, he added that the human organ donation management center has a more cautious attitude towards cooperation with enterprises. According to Chen zhouyixuan, the sales manager of Youyin communication, the signing with the China human organ donation management center can be described as three times

for the first time, I explained in detail the product functions of Youyin communication 400 value-added services with the customer manager, and selected Youyin products and services in combination with the management pain points existing in the China human organ donation management center; The second visit, to further understand the products, carry out back adjustment to the company, and it is best to find a machine clothes photo to continue the processing when not in use, etc; For the third time, I visited the donation center and discussed with the leaders of the donation center to understand the products again. Finally, I reached a strategic consensus and successfully signed the contract

after several months of coordination and tracking work, sales manager Chen zhouyixuan did his best. At the same time, it also shows that Youyin communication has been ingeniously adhering to the reputation recognition it has obtained for a long time, and it is also another crossover of Youyin communication's strength

quality creates public praise

since its establishment 11 years ago, Youyin communication has continuously improved the quality of its products. Under the guarantee of product quality, focusing on solutions to communication management problems for enterprises is a highlight. China human organ donation management center needs to face tens of thousands of people from all over the country to inquire about organ donation every day, and a large number of calls overwhelm the staff, which brings great difficulties to the work

for these problems of China human organ donation management center, customer manager Chen zhouyixuan classified these problems, found out the key problems, and gave professional communication solutions, especially the following three key functions:

extension voice navigation

hierarchical voice navigation is a settable voice navigation service, and customers choose the service department independently, Save the trouble of transferring again (for example, welcome to call XXX company, press 1 for business consultation, 2 for after-sales service, and 0 for labor), provide customers with the most convenient consultation guidance, make customers feel that the enterprise is large and standardized, and improve the work efficiency of all departments of the enterprise at the same time

this function will intelligently divert a large number of calls from the China human organ donation management center every day, reducing the burden on staff. At the same time, customers can also find the most accurate problem solutions and save time

partition and time-sharing transfer

partition and time-sharing transfer refers to the intelligent setting in different regions and different time periods, setting the transfer number according to different regions, and transferring different incoming calls to different seat numbers for answering, which is convenient for the management of the two most concerned markets, namely "food" and "travel", which is faster and more in place

using this function, the China human organ donation management center can transfer the consultation sub regions from all over the country to the corresponding service personnel, and transfer the call settings of consultation at different times to the personnel on duty, so as to ensure that the consultation problems can be solved in a timely and effective manner, and truly reflect the service value expressed by the China human organ donation management center

satisfaction survey

satisfaction survey refers to that before the end of the call service, the system automatically invites customers to rate the service of the seat staff by pressing the key, so as to strive for customer satisfaction and provide support for enterprise evaluation management. This function is also in line with the responsibility of the China human organ donation management center to serve the people

Youyin communication is a recognized innovation leader and service provider in the field of enterprise communication. Among them, the 400 value-added service level has been highly praised both inside and outside the industry and has considerable industry influence. The popularity at the 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition pushed the brand of Youyin communication to a climax again

the successful signing and cooperation with China human organ donation management center is the perfect combination of Youyin communication product technology and communication solutions, and it is also a powerful casting of Youyin communication brand influence

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