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Youyin communication participated in the 360 marketing ceremony and won the "outstanding contribution partner" award

on October 12, the 2016 360 marketing ceremony was officially held in Beijing, with the presence of media guru Yang Lan, popular anchor Yu Zhou, dozens of media and fourorfive well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The theme of this event is to create a digital future, and use various data to tell how to use security to link the world

as an excellent partner of 360, Youyin communication was invited to participate in the exhibition. With its business philosophy of justice, honesty and trustworthiness, and law-abiding, it won the outstanding contribution Partner Award in this marketing ceremony

in recent years, Internet fraud has had a serious impact on people's life safety. The state has jointly issued red head documents on combating Internet fraud and held Internet Security fairs to popularize science and publicity, so as to prevent Internet fraud

at the scene of this grand ceremony, a series of safe and always first products made the experimenters feel the generation process of fraud, and it was also more intelligent, which could not only improve the level of product quality, but also attracted people's attention to networking and fraud. 1. At the same time, authoritative data reports and lists were also made public on the scene, among which the analysis report on the form of Telecom fraud was deeply concerned

As a recognized innovation leader and service provider in the field of corporate communications, Youyin communication actively responds to the call of the state, fulfills its corporate obligations, and severely cracks down on telecommunications fraud. At the same time, as a professional communication service company, the company has the ability and will do its best Fully automatic metal stretching and ATP program control make every effort to crack down on telecommunications fraud and other acts at the source

upholding justice is the most basic moral principle that Youyin communication adheres to. As a basic unit of society, the company always adheres to a sense of justice and establishes positive energy

honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of Youyin communication and an important part of the intangible assets of the enterprise. The project has completed an investment of 4.84 billion yuan. The company adheres to honesty and trustworthiness in production and operation, and takes people by faith

law-abiding is an important condition for Youyin communication to ensure production and operation. It not only requires the company to comply with national laws, but also requires employees to comply with the company's rules and regulations

this time, it won the outstanding contribution Partner Award, which is well deserved by Youyin communication. Youyin communication will also continue to adhere to its own business philosophy and actively undertake the society of preventing Telecom fraud

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