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Macao youth representatives: feel relieved about the development of national nuclear power

under the organization of the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, 44 youth representatives from the Macao neighborhood association federation, the Macao people's Alliance for the construction of Macao, the Macao New Youth Association, the Macao Federation of trade unions, and the Macao Chinese students' Federation recently visited the Taishan nuclear power base of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as "CGNPC") to visit and exchange knowledge of nuclear power science Nuclear safety culture and the construction of the world's first EPR reactor project of Taishan nuclear power

build an honest and transparent brand in the nuclear industry

the young delegates visited the nuclear power science exhibition hall, the emergency command center and the site of the nuclear power plant, learned about the principles of nuclear power generation, the safety barrier of the nuclear power plant press the reset key, safety protection and other popular science knowledge, as well as the progressiveness and safety of the third generation EPR nuclear power technology, and communicated on topics such as safety supervision and the urgency of the nuclear response channel

the delegates said that this "transparent journey" of Taishan nuclear power has enabled them to have a more scientific understanding of nuclear power, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the EPR third-generation nuclear power technology adopted by Taishan nuclear power and the safety supervision of nuclear power plants. For them, this is a reassuring journey to dispel doubts and doubts

"I am deeply impressed by the safety of Taishan nuclear power technology and its strict safety management, and feel relieved and confident in the country's nuclear power development." A Macao Youth representative said. At the end of the visit, the delegates expressed their feelings about the visit with words such as "modernization and security". The delegates also said that through this visit, they also saw the development and strength of the country

it is understood that since its construction, Taishan nuclear power base has been adhering to the concept of "openness and transparency" and actively carrying out public communication and exchange activities. Since 2012, Taishan nuclear power base has held public open day activities on August 7 every year, inviting more than 100 public representatives to visit Taishan nuclear power. According to statistics, as of June 2018, it has received about 28000 people in total

Taishan nuclear power also insists on releasing information on the progress of nuclear power construction through official stations and official dual platforms, and actively disseminating nuclear science knowledge through the official, so that more people can know and understand Taishan nuclear power

shorten the distance between the public and nuclear power

in order to make nuclear power plants more transparent and let the nuclear industry better enter the public, according to the unified arrangement of the national nuclear safety administration, the national nuclear energy industry will hold "public open day (week)" activities every year from 2015

during the event, the nuclear power bases in operation and under construction in mainland China will be concentrated, so the spring testing machine is also essential to open to the public. Some units of the nuclear industry chain will also open to the public in the same period. Unlike nuclear power plants and other nuclear industry units, which are usually open to the outside world, during the open day, the public will have the opportunity to have a more comprehensive experience on the site and interact with enterprise management and relevant experts

nuclear energy is a safe and efficient clean energy. It has unique advantages in effectively doing stretching, contracting, zigzagging, tearing, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping experiments to alleviate the greenhouse effect and protect the environment. After more than 30 years of development, China's nuclear power units have always maintained a good record of safe operation

safety is also the top priority for the development of nuclear power. After the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the public was worried and questioned about nuclear safety. To this end, the Chinese government has further upgraded the national nuclear power safety level, strengthened nuclear safety supervision, and is committed to promoting the improvement of nuclear safety and the safe and efficient development of the nuclear power industry. All nuclear power enterprises also actively carry out public communication activities on nuclear power projects while improving safety operation management

according to the national nuclear safety administration, the public open day (week) of the nuclear industry will continue in July and August this year, so as to further expand its influence and enhance public awareness of nuclear energy

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