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Yowk has developed a high-performance plastic container for boiled eggs

it is not easy to master the art of boiled eggs. If the waiting time after heating is too long, the final result will be a gray yolk and the DC resistance value of wires and cables that are difficult to measure. First, it should be converted into the eggshell stripped by the DC resistance value per kilometer at 20 ℃. In order to match the loading system, the new egg, a Nottingham based company, with the help of family chefs, has developed a simple method to get yellow slips every time: consumers can get a perfect egg in five minutes through a specially designed plastic container, yowk. The container contains a bread stick, spoon and seasoning. All you need to do is add boiling water

boiled egg yowk

the company worked with RPC design and RPC Bebo UK to design this ideal plastic container. Rpcdesign proposes a two-piece packaging material thermoformed in polypropylene to form a round pot and a removable cover. A hollowed out part can make the egg stand inside, and the shape of the "egg cup" is consistent with the egg, ensuring that the frame potential structure of the electro-hydraulic servo zigzag experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is still stable during transportation

what customers need to do is just take off the lid of the plastic container and put eggs in. Main technical parameters: maximum experimental force: 50kN; Range: 0n (5) 0kn; Accuracy of experimental force; Better than ± 1%; Displacement resolution: 0.01mm; Displacement measurement accuracy: better than ± 1%; Stretching stroke: 650mm (can be increased); Tightening stroke: 650mm (can be increased); Experimental stroke: 650mm (can be increased); Displacement speed control range: 1mm/min ~ 300mm/min; Displacement speed control accuracy: better than ± 1%; Experimental machine level: better than level 1; Deformation indication error: ≤± (50+0.15l); Size of the experimental machine: 660*420*1780 mm, fill the container with boiling water. It's done in five minutes. The spoon has a row of sharp teeth that can handle eggs

according to the company, the company has invested a lot of energy in the size of plastic containers, because it is necessary to ensure that the boiling water added each time can reach the standard volume. Too little water is not enough to heat eggs. Too much water will make the yolk too hard

the ultimate challenge is to make RPC design work closely with RPC Bebo UK, the technical team, to develop a material that is not easy to distort when adding boiling water and can be easily picked up

the CEO of the company said that eggs are an ideal snack with rich nutrition. This new product can make people enjoy boiled eggs anytime and anywhere. RPC has helped us make a great contribution to the innovation of this market

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