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Qingdao Youth Science walk: walk into movable type printing

recently, the Qingdao Youth Science walk activity organized by Shinan District Science Association continued. During the activity, more than a dozen primary school students came to the time imprint shop in the creative 100 industrial park on Nanjing Road to experience and learn movable type printing

students, printing is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. It began in the Sui Dynasty, and then came into being movable type printing after the development and improvement of Bi Sheng in the era of song Renzong. At that time, Bi Sheng invented clay movable type, and now the lead alloy movable type we use was created by German J. Gutenberg in the 1950s. Today we will learn to experience how to complete movable type printing step by step. Lu Ningning, a staff member in the store, said to the primary school students who came to participate in the activity

the primary school students are very interested in the countless Chinese character templates and various tools in front of them. Under the leadership of the teacher, they generally don't think too much about it and begin to experience the charm of movable type printing by themselves. Every step from selecting the type to printing with ink was very careful. Although their hands were covered with ink, the primary school students said that this experience was a good practice of book knowledge, learned a lot of interesting scientific knowledge and principles, and broadened their horizons

it is understood that the experience of movable type printing in the time stamp store is generally divided into five steps: the first step is the process of checking the type. After selecting the type, you need to prepare the typesetting tools for movable type printing, then fix and lock the arranged movable type with good contact, and then put the arranged movable type into the card owner in the plate frame of the disc machine. Finally, fix the plate, and finally display the force measurement, deformation and other results on the display screen for ink printing. After experiencing the movable type printing from the oil spill and other outlets, the primary school students also experienced the fun of using the relief printing machine in the Republic of China. It is reported that Qingdao Juvenile Science Tour is a scientific practice activity provided by Shinan District Science and Technology Association for primary school students, and will be held irregularly in the future. (Editor: wangxuebin)

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