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"Fight for youth" ends recently. Su Xin, a young actor who plays the role of Jin Xin, has become the driving force for the audience to pursue the drama.

Yi entertainment, written and directed by the famous director Zhao Baogang on April 12, and starring Zheng Shuang, gaiyuexi, Xu Yue, Su Xin, etc., the realism era Youth Drama "fight for youth" has ended recently. Su Xin, a young actor who plays the role of Jin Xin, has revealed the charm of Jin Xin, a passionate and single-minded Beijing boy with his natural and exquisite acting skills, Gain the love and recognition of the audience

from "hardware spare tire" to "hardware warm man" friend: ask heaven to drop a Jinxin

in "youth fight", Su Xin performed a "hardware spare tire" Beijing big but boy Jinxin. From the early stage of broadcasting, Jin Xin's every move has the tragic color of "hitting money shortage Beibei": the confession was rejected on the spot, watching the beloved girl qianbeibei be robbed by others It was not easy to save Qian Beibei from the "control freak", but it was self defeating to send the "entrepreneurial male god" to her... Jin Xin's repeated defeats and repeated defeats in the pursuit of love was bumpy and affectionate. Su Xin's compilation of the 13 interpretation of the national military standard also aroused the audience's love, "what a miserable man, I love Jin Xin", "Jin Xin is the only driving force to pursue drama"

in addition to being especially warm to Qian Beibei, such as romantic confession, saving each other with life, cooking soup, Jin Xin's magnanimity in accepting his rival Shen Yan, helping Xiang Zhen to start a business, assisting Zhuang Yi in proposing marriage, Xiang Zhen's tact, taking Xiang Zhen and Ding Lan's parents to visit Beijing, and his honesty and simplicity to Qiao An'an, the audience also saw a big boy in Beijing who was flesh and blood, sincere, generous and humorous. From the "miserable" of "hardware spare tire" to the "warm" of "hardware warm man", Jin Xin didn't get Beibei's love, but gained more audience's love. "People are not stuffy, I still like it despite the reality". Some people prayed that "the best man in the whole play, please send a Jinxin". The heroine Zheng Shuang also commented on Jin Xin, a good man, at the press conference, saying that he was "very righteous, and it was difficult to find anyone. Just find him"

Su Xin once played song Ning in the play "in a hurry". This time, he played "youth fight". The leap from the role of schoolboys to mature youth is not a small challenge for Su Xin, especially as a Shandong man, Su Xin is going to perform a convincing Beijing boy, "every day in the crew, I think about how to play a good trick to ensure that I am not disturbed by external things." After in-depth speculation about the role, Su Xin wore a gold watch with a gold chain, and used fluent environmental protection materials such as Bei, which are mainly composed of plant cellulose nanocrystals to form a Jingqiang and smart eye movements, shaping Jin Xin, a poor and lovely "everyone's friend" in place. Su Xin's performance so suitable for the role made the audience transfer their love for the role to the actors. Everyone left messages in Su Xin's microblog comments to encourage, "you're particularly good! The best acting skills come from life and nature", "I like watching Jin Xin's clips very much, this boy is stupid, stubborn and cute! Your interpretation is good"

the new play "extreme rescue", which is called "a draft made by God", is about to unlock more possibilities.

when shooting the only action play of the whole play of "youth fight", that is, when rescuing Qian Beibei who was threatened by Cheng Yu to "throw himself into the sea and die in love", Jin Xin needs to stand on Cheng Yu's car and knock on the window, and then Cheng Yu starts the car to let Jin Xin fall on the beach. In this play, Su Xin insisted on not using a substitute to fight in person, showing the professional quality of an actor. During the four months with Director Zhao and other creative members, Su Xin, like Jin Xin, honed himself and gained growth with youth fight

director Yang Shupeng, who once directed the film "Youth", praised Su Xin's plasticity. He was "a draft made by God". Su Xin also replied to the director on Weibo, "director, this draft of mine, you roll up your sleeves and swing your round arm casually". His words were full of juvenile spirit and passion for the profession of actors. It is reported that the TV series "extreme rescue" directed by Su Xin and Yang Shupeng will be broadcast in 2019. It is believed that his multifaceted personal charm and superb acting skills can attract more people to pay attention to him and love him

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