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Youyin communication was invited to participate in the 10th London exhibition of GCCM 2017

London was still cold in February. The GCCM performance standards opened on the 21st: gb/t230.2 national standard and jjg112 verification regulation, but the 10th European London exhibition 2017 brought a boom to the city. In intercontinental Park Lane, London, more than 900 member representatives from primary, secondary and tertiary operators around the world gathered in fog city

in view of the fact that it will not cause the displacement of pH value during storage, China's leading position in the internationalization of the world economy is becoming increasingly obvious, and exhibitors from China naturally become the focus of the exhibition. As a well-known enterprise in the field of enterprise communications, Youyin communication was invited to participate in this exhibition. While carrying out international learning and exchanges with executives and business leaders in the field of global communications, it also showed the strength of Chinese enterprises

join the operator community and expand the international service platform

as a feature of GCCM, the EPS board of the operator agency is the abbreviation of EPS board. A series of activities in the area are important platforms for international exchanges. This is also the purpose of Youyin communication's trip

Youyin communication is the first leader in the field of enterprise communication in China, and has been committed to using Internet technology to create global communications. After years of efforts, it has become the first global enterprise communication service provider in China, and is the strength of China's communication services

at present, Youyin communication has successfully provided communication services for 58 cities and Pacific cars, and will soon be stationed in Amazon's global supplier system. It is these achievements that make the pace of international business expansion of Youyin communication more stable and have more strength to carry out in-depth cooperation with world-class enterprises

join hands with counterparts in America and Europe to create a better future for the industry

gccm, Youyin communication has attracted great attention from international telecom operators and service providers. According to Mr. Yan Yajie, head of Youyin communication business, at GCCM, Youyin communication brought its enterprise communication application products to London to show international peer enterprises the technological development and innovation strength of Chinese telecom service providers

at present, Youyin communication has its own top research and development team, which has successively developed 14 Youyin cloud products, including Youyin, Youyin cloud customer service, Youyin conference, Youyin SIP trunk, Youyin SMS, Youyin 400 intelligent API open platform, Youyin app, Youyin private communication, Youyin switchboard, etc., 22 characteristic Youyin functions, and Youyin diversified products and services. Through the communication platform of interconnection +it, enterprise communication becomes simple Convenient and fast

at present, the trend of world economic globalization and the development of related technologies require China to actively implement the internationalization strategy, optimize resource allocation, expand overseas development space, and build its core competitiveness in international operations

on the other hand, Chinese enterprises go out and compete with international experts. They can learn from each other, introduce international advanced technology into China at the first time, and rely on China's huge market demand to achieve curve overtaking

Wang Qi, CEO of Youyin communication, said on GCCM: in the future, Youyin communication will pay more attention to the origin of the sea strain curve (if the stretching load deforms, the stretching secant modulus of elasticity: the external exchange of tensile stress and business development, so as to realize the Chinese application of International advanced communication technology, so as to lead the Chinese enterprise communication services to achieve a more stable and sustainable development on the path of globalization

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