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Inspur and IBM set up a joint venture to develop and promote open power servers

on September 8, 2017, Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. and international business machine (China) Investment Co., Ltd. jointly disclosed their strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly establish Inspur Business Machine Co., Ltd. to develop, produce and sell servers based on open power technology and improve the server ecosystem, Establish a sustainable server business to provide users with advanced, differentiated and diversified computing platforms and solutions

according to the articles of association of the joint venture signed by both parties, Langchao holds 51% shares and IBM 49% shares. The joint venture aims to develop and deliver open power server products and bring more and better choices to customers. The joint venture will integrate the excellent product sales and R & D teams of both parties, focus on key applications, business intelligence analysis, emerging Internet applications and machine science selection to facilitate computer identification of suitable gear learning applications, and provide customers with richer IT infrastructure choices for a variety of application scenarios

the establishment of the joint venture will promote the application and ecological construction of open power technology, make full use of the technical advantages of open power architecture in high reliability and high performance, and develop differentiated server products that are more suitable for customer applications and reduce the impact of human factors on the accuracy of experimental data. The joint venture will perfectly integrate the advantages of IBM and Inspur, IBM's power technology designed for data and its open partner network, Inspur's R & D capabilities, rich experience in serving industry customers and Internet customers, and a strong and perfect market system

Inspur is a leading provider of data center IT products and solutions. It has always adhered to the development concept of openness and integration, and has built the ability of full stack it infrastructure solutions from servers, storage to networks. At present, server shipments rank first in the Chinese market and top five in the world, and occupy a leading position in the rapidly developing Internet market. At the same time, the company is also increasing investment in the field of smart computing to provide end-to-end computing solutions for customers

ibm, as a leading cognitive solution and cloud platform company in the world, is committed to working together with partners and customers to achieve win-win results. The establishment of the joint venture is not only IBM's commitment to continuous investment in power servers and global growth, but also another milestone for IBM to continue to take root in the Chinese market and implement the development strategy of CO creation with China

the cooperation between the two sides will inject new vitality into the server market and provide customers with a better and newer choice

about Inspur

Inspur is the world's leading provider of cloud data center products and solutions, with server shipments ranking first in China and top five in the world. It has a series of innovative computing platforms, such as fusion architecture, AI server, cloud operating system, precautions for the use of key projectors, application host, big data all-in-one machine, etc., to meet the needs of government, interconnection and enterprise informatization in an all-round way. Inspur is committed to serving users with innovative technologies and products, so that it applications can promote social development. To browse company related information, please visit:

about IBM

IBM (International Business Machine Company), headquartered in Armonk, New York, was founded in the United States in 1911 and is the world's largest information technology and business solutions company. As the only 100 year old enterprise in the global IT industry, IBM is committed to technological and business innovation. In early 2016, IBM officially announced that it would transform into a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, and continue to help business and social development with innovation, data and professional capabilities. For more information about IBM, visit:

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