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With the rapid development of modern land, sea, air, space and electric multidimensional war forms, the status of military information construction is becoming more and more important. Smooth battle command, efficient weapons and equipment, and combat implementation in harsh environments have become the decisive factors for winning the war. Security and reinforcement computer is the internal brain of military information weapon equipment system, and is an important platform for receiving, judging, perfecting, generating, sending and storing battle command information. It is in a very important link of military information weapon equipment system. Its combat performance, stability and reliability determine the generation and play of weapon equipment efficiency. In the process of serving the informatization construction of our army, Inspur has successfully launched a series of safety and reinforcement products with independent innovation, stability and reliability

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the 12 inch reinforced notebook computer newly designed by Inspur breaks the technical restrictions and becomes the highest level of reinforced notebook products in China with its beautiful appearance, complete functions, low power and high performance

so far, Inspur has successfully launched six models of Ruggedized notebooks. Among them, King Kong 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and other models have been successfully applied in the military command automation system, weapon equipment platform, military equipment detection, maintenance and control platform, etc; It has been widely accepted by military combat training, large-scale exercises, system verification and other strict application tests, and has been widely praised by military users. With the continuous improvement of technology and national defense requirements, in order to further meet the needs of national defense informatization, especially the development of higher-grade computers to meet the harsh and complex environment, Langchao has invested a lot of money to grandly launch the highest level of reinforced notebook Langchao King Kong 6202 in China. Now let's introduce how to correctly operate Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

Inspur King Kong 6202 ruggedized notebook computer has made new breakthroughs on the basis of the company's mature technology, and has formed its own unique characteristics with the assistance of the drive system. The product can be viewed in the sunlight with a highlighted screen. It is compact, light and beautiful according to the instigation value of the control appearance and the demand for extruded products. It adopts core 2 Dual Core low-power processor, which has higher performance and stronger endurance ability; It has the characteristics of wide temperature, anti vibration and shock, three prevention, electromagnetic compatibility and strong environmental adaptability. The wide voltage input design and the combination of aviation plug-in and standard interface have enriched the application scope of the product and can better meet the application requirements in the vehicle environment, marking the latest achievement and new trend of the development of Ruggedized notebooks in China

insiders said that at present, the demand for ruggedized portable notebooks in the military market continues to grow, and competitive products at home and abroad are also emerging. The 12 inch ruggedized notebook independently developed by this wave represents the highest level of Ruggedized notebook computers in China. Inspur King Kong 6202 ruggedized notebook computer continues the mature design concept and experience of King Kong series, significantly reduces the volume and weight of Ruggedized notebook, greatly facilitates field work, becomes the lightest and most portable high-end endorsement product of King Kong series, and establishes the benchmark image of Inspur King Kong brand in the industry

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