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Inspur cloud will build a 5billion industrial interconnection Industrial Ecological fund

on October 27, the western (Chongqing) division of the second China Industrial interconnection competition and the digital Vientiane Qid Ecological Development Summit Forum were grandly held. At the forum, Inspur cloud initiated the establishment of the digital Vientiane ecological partnership plan, released intelligent manufacturing solutions, and announced that it would create a 5billion industrial interconnection Industrial Ecological fund to promote the high-quality development of the industrial interconnection industry

set up the digital Vientiane ecological partnership program, and the ultimate enabling partner

as the organizer of the western division, Inspur cloud provides a full range of support for the event based on the technical capabilities, operational capabilities and ecological resources of the Yunzhou industrial interconnection platform. PolyOne, located in Evan lake, Ohio, will buy the ownership of Gordon composite materials Co., Ltd. and polystrand Co., Ltd. Pangsongtao, vice president of Inspur Group and general manager of Inspur industrial interconnection, said in the keynote speech "keep up with the tide and create together in the same boat": Industrial interconnection operators should start from the bottom logic of manufacturing design and production, take business needs as the core, and carry out iterative and cyclic design of business, system, technology, data, products and other architectural elements, so as to give play to the role of the platform in optimizing the allocation of resources in the process of R & D and production; By creating a common base and building a platform for the platform, we can drive the reform of enterprise R & D mode and production mode, drive enterprises to achieve quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and empower every manufacturing practitioner to become a creator

pangsongtao, vice president of Inspur Group and general manager of Inspur industrial interconnection, made a keynote speech

pangsongtao pointed out that Inspur cloud creatively integrated the national identity resolution system with blockchain and commercial encryption technology to form an enhanced identity system service platform Qid platform, which has identity cards, one thing one code, connectors, all things interconnection, collector key control points, memory, one thing one file Amplifier value-added services and other five core strengths, which can provide standard and safe services such as data collection, link, analysis, storage, application and hierarchical authorization, are the core of enterprise intelligent manufacturing and industrial big data convergence. Through the deep combination of open platform and professional partners, Qid platform can also provide enterprises with SaaS application services such as intelligent manufacturing, process optimization, supply chain finance, etc., enabling enterprises. China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, internationalization and in-depth development, industrial digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading. Up to now, Qid platform has enabled ten major industries, including equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, clothing, FMCG, grain, coal, papermaking, and agricultural machinery

in order to encourage the application innovation based on Qid platform and form a perfect Qid platform + ecosystem, pangsongtao announced the launch of the digital Vientiane ecological partnership cooperation plan. On the one hand, based on the co incubation of Inspur and Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Yunjiang industrial interconnection Co., Ltd. will build an industrial interconnection production and innovation incubation base, based in Chongqing, radiating the ten western provinces and the the Belt and Road, Promote the transformation of industrial interconnection competition achievements with 2billion industrial funds; On the other hand, the cloud boat alliance has been continuously expanded, and three centers, namely, the developer support center, the program support center, and the partner adaptation laboratory, have been fully opened to partners to provide partners with multi-dimensional ecological support in intellectual property protection, standard establishment, financing, market promotion, and talent cultivation

in fact, in the western (Chongqing) division of the second China Industrial interconnection competition, Inspur cloud specially added a supplementary question: Qid platform innovation application scenario collection, and finally selected three special awards from nearly 100 ideas. In addition, Inspur cloud also encourages entries to join Inspur cloud Qid business value research institute to help the rapid growth and promotion of excellent projects

Inspur cloud signed a contract with China anti counterfeiting Industry Association

at the enabling signing ceremony of the forum's digital Vientiane partnership program, Inspur cloud and China anti counterfeiting industry association signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the high-quality development of China's Intelligent Manufacturing Based on Qid, focusing on anti-counterfeiting technology, traceability system, industrial Internet logo, blockchain and other aspects. Focusing on 5g+ai demonstration scenario and 5g+ industrial Internet market empowerment, Inspur Yunjiang signed ecological cooperation agreements with China Mobile Chongqing Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Cable TV Network Co., Ltd. respectively

Inspur Yunjiang signed a contract with China Mobile Communications Group Chongqing Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Cable Television Network Co., Ltd.

to release intelligent manufacturing solutions based on Qid and open them to enterprises for free trial.

promoting intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of enterprise digital transformation, and its key breakthrough is industrial interconnection. At the forum, Ai Siqi, director of intelligent manufacturing of Chongqing Yunjiang industrial interconnection company, pointed out in the keynote speech "intelligent manufacturing, driving the upgrading of the western manufacturing industry chain", that the traditional intelligent manufacturing is based on full automation and complete informatization, which has the disadvantages of high cost, long cycle and slow effectiveness, and it is difficult to apply and promote

in isqi's view, Inspur's intelligent manufacturing solution based on the Qid platform draws experimental characteristic curves, so as to realize the overall control scheme of material mechanical properties. By comprehensively assigning codes to all business systems, equipment, products and personnel related to the factory and connecting the vertical services of the industry chain, Inspur is guided by the actual scene and business objectives, and has the characteristics of rapid deployment, low-cost start-up, etc, It is more conducive to small, medium-sized and small production enterprises to realize the spiral improvement of capacity in a small, fast and sustainable way; At the same time, Qid can also connect the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and gradually realize the coverage of industrial chain level intelligent manufacturing capacity and the aggregation of regional intelligent manufacturing capacity

5 intelligent manufacturing overall solutions signed and released at the forum, Inspur cloud also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Chongqing Shouyu Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Shuyuan Xingchen Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing QiTeng Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Longteng Information Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly released AI visual identification quality inspection services based on Qid platform Five solutions, including on-site data monitoring and management platform service of digital workshop, intelligent warehousing application, supplier service, and full supply chain barcode management software service

it is worth mentioning that Inspur cloud will work with its partners to open three intelligent manufacturing solutions based on Qid to enterprises free of charge, including Inspur industrial stem cells, full supply chain barcode management software services, and AI visual recognition quality inspection services, to help more manufacturing enterprises upgrade their intelligence

government, industry, University, research and gold summit dialogue to explore the ecological development system of industrial interconnection

during the forum summit dialogue, Gao Sha, general manager of Chongqing Yunjiang industrial interconnection Co., Ltd., Luo Bin, a second-class researcher of the Industrial Promotion Bureau of Chongqing Liangjiang new area, Fu Yunqing, deputy dean of the school of software of Chongqing University, Tan Fei, deputy general manager of the political and Enterprise Department of China Mobile Chongqing Co., Ltd., Gong Liangliang, chairman of Chongqing Tianren industrial group Fan Xiangwei, CEO of Shanghai Hejin Information Technology Co., Ltd., Qiao Guangming, deputy director of the asset management department of Chongqing Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and representatives from all walks of life of government, industry, University and research fund jointly discussed the construction of industrial interconnection ecological development system

summit dialogue

focusing on the construction of industrial interconnection ecosystem, Luo Bin said that Chongqing has achieved certain results by deeply implementing the innovative development strategy led by big data intelligence and accelerating the development of industrial interconnection. In the future, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area will further strive to create a good ecosystem suitable for the development of industrial interconnection industry, create a good service atmosphere, help enterprises thrive in Liangjiang New Area, and empower the economy and social development

Gao Sha revealed the ecological construction goal of Inspur Yunzhou industrial interconnection plan to develop 6500 + ecological partners, and said that in the future, Inspur cloud will build more than 5billion industrial interconnection Industrial Ecological funds nationwide to gather industries and ecosystems on a platform, accelerate the transformation of industrial interconnection achievements, and achieve ecological co creation and win-win results

as a representative of the Academy, Fu Yunqing pays more attention to industrial basic research and talent training. He said that the school of software of Chongqing University is very eager to cooperate with industrial interconnection enterprises and manufacturing enterprises to provide basic theoretical support for scientific research for enterprises; The college will also more comply with the urgent needs of the government, enterprises and industries for industrial interconnection talents, strengthen the training of compound talents who understand both it and manufacturing, and lay a solid talent foundation for the innovative development of industrial interconnection in China

Tan Bo made a wonderful sharing from the perspective of 5g + industrial interconnection. He said that China Mobile is very eager to combine 5g and industrial interconnection, and turn the single point and local information application services of industrial enterprises into digital, networked, systematic and intelligent information services. In the specific process, China Mobile Chongqing takes Inspur cloud as an important partner, and jointly arranges 5g+ai demonstration center, industrial interconnection production and innovation center and standard testing center in Liangjiang New Area, contributing to the development of Chongqing's industrial interconnection industry

as a benchmark demonstration enterprise for industrial interconnection to promote intelligent manufacturing, gongliangliang, chairman of Chongqing Tianren industrial group, shared the practical experience of Tianren industrial group on the spot, and expressed the hope to turn Tianren into a research and Development Center for industrial interconnection products, jointly develop industrial stem cells with more industry experts and Industry people, and was willing to provide them to more enterprises for free, with the purpose of promoting good methods to more people

as the only post-90s guest representative present, fan Xiangwei believes that holding activities such as the industrial interconnection competition is very conducive to industrial exchanges and development, and hopes to work with leading enterprises such as Inspur cloud to create more industrial interconnection application benchmarks. He pointed out that China is rich in industrial talents and has the largest number of algorithm talents in the world. As long as enterprises have data on Inspur Qid platform, they will be able to find good algorithms

as a representative of the capital side, Qiao Guangming said that industrial Internet enterprises that go deep into a certain point and do a thorough job in this field will be easier to win the favor of capital. Therefore, he suggested that industrial Internet enterprises should not always think big and comprehensive, and must always pay attention to what can be brought to manufacturing enterprises. As long as there are good products and good solutions, capital institutions will come to them

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