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Watson's new packaging set off a sales trend - the new packaging made the sales volume of the product increase by 30%

Watson distilled water was renewed, and the new packaging made the sales volume of the product increase by 30%

according to Miss Liang, the head of Watsons packaging design department, Watsons distilled water Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Watsons group. It has always followed the strictest sanitary standards with perfect management and quality control, so as to ensure the perfection of its quality and form a high-end brand position in the hearts of consumers. In order to follow the brand spirit of continuous innovation and keeping pace with the times, in order to constantly bring freshness to consumers and create higher standards, Watsons changed its brand logo and product packaging this time, mainly in the hope of adding a new appearance image to Watsons' century old brand, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Liu Xiaokang, chairman of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Design Center and Secretary General of the Hong Kong Design Association, was responsible for the outer packaging design this time. Liu Xiaokang has won more than 200 Hong Kong and overseas design awards. Here, through direct cooperation with brands and providing support for their purchase and selection of fabric manufacturers, these two measures are used to create a new packaging design concept for Watsons, using green as the main color, but using a more lively bright green, on the one hand, maintaining the previous professional and pure image, while adding vitality and vitality to Watsons distilled water. The new packaging not only reflects the brand connotation of Watson distilled water, which is pure and professional, but also reflects the image of a new generation of dynamic and modern Watson distilled water. The appearance design first breaks the traditional barrel packaging design idea with a smooth curve, and designs a concave convex bottle body according to human dynamics, which enhances the comfort of holding the bottle. Secondly, the new packaging adopts double-layer bottle caps for the first time, which not only reduces the possibility that the bottle caps and bottle mouths are polluted and the demand for automotive interior accessories is gradually increasing, but also the outer large bottle caps can be used as cups; The sunken pattern on the bottle not only makes the water in the bottle more crystal clear, but also can prevent slipping, which is convenient for consumers to grasp. Once this new package came out, the market responded very well, especially by young consumers

with the launch of this new product, Watsons' packaging supporting work can be described as meticulous and comprehensive. In order to highlight the advantages of packaging design and better interpret the characteristics of Watsons distilled water from pure to pure, Pb series bottle blowing machine of ASB company was introduced from Japan, and high-quality pet raw materials were selected. The production process was completed in one step from raw materials, bottle embryos, bottles, etc. the bottles blown out were transparent and added a lot of color to the products. Watsons' labeling machine can automatically paste anti-counterfeiting labels on the outer cover and bottle body, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect

at present, through the above basic principles, Chen's product has different capacities, giving consumers more choices. With its rising sales performance, it has created a myth of soaring performance for the industry. While we wish this century old brand better and better, we hope that more and more enterprises will pay attention to the role of packaging and promote marketing with newer and better packaging

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