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Inspur CRM: build Changshun group customer information management "Heart Sutra"

as a leading chemical raw material supplier in the industry, with the steady development of Jiangsu Changshun Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changshun group) at home and abroad, the integrated management of customer information and the standardization of marketing services have become a major problem restricting the development of the group. In 2014, Changshun group introduced Inspur CRM system, realizing the unified management of customer resources at the group level, and realizing the seamless connection between CRM system and the original ERP system

Jiangsu Changshun Group Co., Ltd. is an international brand chemical enterprise committed to low-carbon environmental protection and scientific and technological innovation. It provides engineering plastic materials, high-performance composite plates, PVC skins, polyurethane series products and system solutions for automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, construction, household and other industries. Since its development, the company has successively established nine subsidiary companies, including Wenzhou Changying Trading Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Changrun Trading Co., Ltd., forming an industrial pattern integrating scientific research, production and sales

information fragmentation is unbearable.

as the top three chemical raw material suppliers in the industry, Changshun group has always maintained steady development in its domestic and foreign businesses. However, ERP system is still lacking in meeting the deep needs of Changshun customer information management and marketing services. The lagging customer relationship management system has become a stumbling block to the development of the group

take Jiangsu Changhua Polyurethane Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changhua), a subsidiary of the group, as an example. Since the establishment of the company, there have been more than 1000 customers with business contacts. The maintenance of these customers is all undertaken by specific salespersons, resulting in serious information fragmentation, causing great difficulties for the company to carry out customer analysis, high-value customer identification and other work. At the same time, with the job mobility of salespersons, sales handover and customer transfer are often not completed quickly and conveniently, and even unpredictable losses will be caused to the company due to incomplete handover

in addition, the original ERP system of Changshun takes the sales order as the business starting point, but the front-end work of sales has been lack of an effective platform such as CRM to support

in this context, Changshun group urgently needs to integrate and manage customer information through CRM system, and effectively analyze and process it, so as to provide support for the whole life cycle management of documentary and contract

360 view management of customers, establishment of customers' ID cards and historical files

under the guidance of the goal of comprehensive management of customer information, Changshun group, through program exchange, sample customers' visit to the loading cylinder and the completion of deformation measurement installation, believes that the customer-centric concept of Inspur CRM is highly consistent with the needs of the company, and finally forms a cooperative relationship with Inspur

first of all, Changshun group focuses on providing chemical raw materials. It is particularly important to cultivate customer stickiness and form a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with it. Therefore, it is imperative to scientifically and effectively manage the basic information and past historical records of customers. After a detailed investigation of each business line, the Inspur CRM project team first took the centralized import of customer information of Changshun group, which relies on the reciprocating motion of the plunger in the cylinder block, as the beginning of all businesses, and solved the problems of decentralized customer information management and untimely filing in the past from the perspective of the group's decisive contribution to the large-scale process with special capacity. At the same time, it also provides the group with a set of customer 360 management system integrating basic information, historical data and dynamic information. A record is both the customer's ID card and the customer's full life cycle file, which effectively avoids the previous management problems of customer information centralization, inconsistent standards, repeated collection and storage, and lays the foundation for the establishment of a customer-centered work platform

secondly, Changshun ERP takes sales orders as its business starting point, and the work of the front-end of sales has been lack of an effective platform such as CRM to support it. To this end, Lang future may be more used in key fields such as military industry rather than civilian fields. Chao CRM introduced the concept of business opportunities and formulated a six step sales method for it, including six processes of discovery, confirmation, tracking, communication, negotiation and signing, which solidified the previous successful sales model of Changshun and formed a set of successful sales model

it is worth mentioning that Inspur's implementation service team integrates CRM system with Changshun's existing ERP system and other business systems according to the needs of Changshun group. CRM is responsible for the business management of the front-end of sales, and finally completes the connection with ERP with sales orders. At the same time, it realizes the real-time synchronization of information, and retains the independence of CRM and ERP functions to the greatest extent. At the same time, users get a good experience of information integration in the process of use

improve the business platform and get through the group's marketing and service. After more than a year of operation, Inspur CRM is playing an increasingly important role in Changshun group. The system provides a platform for the centralized management of Changshun marketing and customer information. It not only provides support for the standardization of the group's marketing and service management, but also provides effective support for the whole life cycle of documentary and contract, thus greatly improving the group's marketing and service level and improving customer satisfaction

first, the standardization of marketing and service management has been realized. Integrating and reasonably classifying a large number of customer resources accumulated by the group, the problem of untimely filing of customer information in the past has been solved. At present, the timely filing rate of customer information has reached 100%. The timeliness of filing avoids the omission of customer files and greatly reduces the risk of customer resource loss caused by personnel mobility. More importantly, the customer 360 management mode has cultivated the salesperson's customer-centric way of thinking. They are no longer looking at all businesses in the sales process separately, but can look at a series of work such as customer development and maintenance with the customer as the main line

in addition, the six step sales method formulated by the Inspur project team in combination with actual business research and sales methodology has standardized the sales behavior of salespersons and improved the sales success rate. At the same time, through the solidification of the system, the sales team has formed a set of communication language in the sales process from top to bottom, which greatly improves the communication efficiency of each other. The sales meeting between the company and the team has data objects for analysis, and the grass-roots sales staff can better review, summarize and improve their own sales behavior, and all sales work has entered a virtuous circle

finally, the integration of CRM system and ERP system reduces the repeated entry of users, products, customers, orders, shipping, invoicing, payment collection and other types of information, and improves the timeliness of data sharing. For example, in the past, Changhua's product inventory needed to be manually exported and sent to the sales department after adjusting the format, which took more than 2 hours. When the sales department received the inventory table, the real-time inventory may have changed. At present, this problem has been completely solved. After a period of verification, the current accuracy has reached 100%. At the same time, some core data in the two systems can be displayed in an analysis chart in real time. For example, the salesperson's sales quantity data in CRM and salesperson's expense data in ERP general ledger can be included in the calculation, forming the indicator of salesperson's per ton sales expense, which meets Changshun's personalized data management needs

Lu Jinghao, manager of Information Department of Changshun group, said: as a front-end system for dealing with customers, CRM can help salespersons quickly and easily get all useful customer information, which enables salespersons to complete sales more efficiently. Through the strategic cooperation with Inspur Group, during the implementation of CRM system, combined with the enterprise's management philosophy, the company's management and business processes have been optimized and solidified, the company's management efficiency has been improved, and finally the win-win situation of both sides has been achieved

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