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Inspur Enterprise Cloud helps "smart Anhui" build cloud enterprises

on August 24, the enterprise digital transformation Summit Forum hosted by Inspur and guided by Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission was successfully held in Hefei. Nearly 200 industry experts from Anhui Province, with the continuous development of China's social life and the continuous improvement of the construction level of the construction industry, local enterprise representatives gathered together to discuss the ways of Enterprise Cloud and digital transformation, and spare no effort to build the road to cloud for local enterprises

Anhui is a new economic growth point in East China. Enterprises in Anhui Province are vigorously carrying out the second entrepreneurial action of enterprises to speed up the transformation of old and new driving forces. Luosichang, director of the information security coordination office of Anhui Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, said in his speech that Anhui Province proposed that by 2020, the construction of smart Anhui would achieve remarkable results, and the informatization level would rank among the forefront of the country. Anhui Province will focus on mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Internet + and big data actions, cultivate and expand new drivers of economic development, and accelerate the use of new technologies and new formats to transform and upgrade traditional industries

through enterprise cloud, promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading has become a hot spot at present. Cheng Liangming, general manager of Inspur Group in Anhui, pointed out in his speech to the stability of sample testing that as an enterprise cloud application service provider, Inspur is willing to continue to innovate in the process of Enterprise Cloud application, provide enterprises with better products, the most preferential prices and in place services, promote the digital transformation of Anhui enterprises, and become a partner trusted by customers

the chief consultant of Inspur tongsoft actively introduced a batch of high-end talents and top technical consultants, Gao leguang, who pointed out in the theme report that enterprises should put application first in the cloud. In terms of Enterprise Cloud business, Inspur's positioning is to build an enterprise smart brain. In order to help enterprises go to the cloud, it will continue to increase the pace of product cloud, release Inspur enterprise cloud, and launch a series of cloud ERP products such as financial cloud, human cloud, procurement cloud, analysis cloud and Inspur cloud accounting, Meet the cloud demand of large, medium, small and micro enterprises, and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises under the guidance of the concepts of interconnection, sharing and intelligence. Inspur gs7, a large-scale enterprise cloud platform, fully supports a variety of cloud deployment and payment modes with mixed cloud mode, elastic architecture, to meet different cloud deployment methods of enterprises, and provide new choices and experiences for enterprise customers

according to Wei Siming, general manager of ERP in Anhui of Inspur Group, Inspur has always regarded Anhui as a key area for development. Up to the interview, the two sides have carried out extensive cooperation in cloud computing, big data industry and other fields. Inspur has provided enterprise information services for Gujing Group, Jianghuai Automobile, Fengyuan pharmaceutical, Jiren pharmaceutical and many other enterprises. For example, Gujing Group used Inspur financial cloud and capital cloud to realize centralized financial accounting and real-time summary and consolidation of statements of more than 100 enterprises under the group. With internal control budget as the core, the business and capital are interconnected and highly integrated; By deploying Inspur Financial Sharing cloud and voucher integration platform, JAC Automobile Group has realized the top-down centralized management and control mode of the enterprise, which greatly provides the convenience of financial management in the aspects of bill management, data integration and data timeliness

about Inspur cloud erp:

Inspur cloud ERP is a new generation of enterprise cloud platform developed by Inspur based on more than 30 years of service to Chinese enterprise informatization, using cloud computing, big data, IOT, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Guided by the concept of Internet shared intelligence, it helps enterprises build a smart brain, comprehensively supports enterprises' cloud operations, and accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises

Inspur cloud ERP includes hybrid cloud for large enterprises, public cloud for small and medium-sized enterprises, domain cloud and industry cloud. Among them, domain cloud includes financial cloud, procurement cloud, human cloud, treasurer and capital cloud, manufacturing cloud, marketing cloud, collaboration cloud, analysis cloud, etc; Industry clouds include military industry cloud, construction cloud, pharmaceutical cloud, food cloud, energy cloud, etc

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