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Inspur unveiled 2021mwc Shanghai to contribute 5g new power

the 2021 Shanghai World Mobile Communication Conference (hereinafter referred to as 2021mwc Shanghai) opened on February 23. Inspur appeared at the conference with 7 core businesses and 39 product solutions, and shocked the launch of a series of new products to contribute 5g NEW power

On the first day of the conference, Inspur and Chinatelecom research institute focused on the business needs of smart parks, smart ports, large-scale smart factories, and jointly released the first edge integrated cloud cabinet for users of Ruyi. With the one-stop delivery mode of integrating 5g Network + applications, they created a fast deployment, customized on-demand, safe and reliable edge computing solution, and pay attention to the manipulation specifications, ports Large factories Electric logarithm "At present, the production lines of all manufacturers in our industry are intermittent semi-automatic production lines. According to industry customers with extremely high safety requirements, they meet the needs of low latency, high bandwidth, no data out of the park, security isolation, etc., and realize the maximization of 5g value.

tomorrow, Inspur will also launch another product and solution for the passive pointer list. As an important aspect of Inspur exhibition area, Inspur will launch a new product for 5g 2B market Yunyi 5g cloud integration all-in-one machine (iaio), including edge IAAs, PAAS, base stations and cores, supports operators and industry customers to build a shared and exclusive 5g dedicated and edge computing platform on demand to meet the digital transformation needs of multi industry customers

Yunyi 5g cloud integration all-in-one machine (iaio)

in addition, Inspur will also jointly launch edge real-time AI quality inspection solutions with simou technology to solve the problem of defect detection of industrial 3C products; The company has jointly launched the solution of edge smart park to effectively ensure industrial safety production, and hehe has promoted the development of 5g industry

the exhibition area is brilliant

the exhibition area of Inspur located in hall N2 attracted many visitors and media. Langchao 5g full stack products, 5g industry specialty, 5g edge computing platform, as well as 5g smart factory, 5g smart Park and 5g Qianxing Baiye application cases, fully demonstrate Langchao's 5g technical strength

5g's rapid development cannot be separated from the strong support of computing power. In the smart computing exhibition area, Inspur showed the full stack AI, AI development platform and AI success stories. Inspur distributed storage as13000 enterprises and customers made good communication. GS and communication industry solutions also appeared together. At the same time, Inspur AI king nf5488a5 made a high-profile appearance, bringing leading AI computing power into the 5g world

in addition, Langchao also exhibited a large number of 5g landing practices in the exhibition area, from 5g+ industrial interconnection, innovative achievements of edge cloud, 5g and smart city, and then to 5g+ smart enterprise full stack solutions, so that 5g technology can be truly brought into reality

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