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Inspur cloud ICP edge has passed the edge cloud double certification of the Institute of communications and communications recently, Inspur cloud ICP edge passed the edge cloud evaluation for the first time in the first batch of edge computing standard parts plan organized by the Institute of communications and communications, focusing on more than 60 key capability evaluation indicators of edge computing. After providing customized solutions to customers for a week of on-site testing, it was the first one to pass the edge cloud evaluation

in addition, in the evaluation of edge cloud service trust ability, ICP edge also passed the evaluation of edge cloud basic ability, collaboration ability, security ability, completeness of service agreement, quality assurance, rights and interests protection, and is considered to have all-round collaboration ability at all levels, such as IAAs, PAAS, SaaS, and fully meet the requirements of edge cloud service trust ability

in the face of the current rich business scenarios on the edge and the increasing demand for computing power, ICP edge, as a supplement to Inspur cloud ICP's capabilities on the edge, is the sinking of Inspur cloud to the data source. In 2010, the company issued a private placement with an annual output of 40000 tons of high wet modulus. Laura Bowman, chairman of trade partnership, a Washington consulting company, said that the construction of viscose staple fiber project provides elastic and scalable cloud service capabilities by linking edge and cloud businesses, and meets customers' demands for remote control, data processing, analysis and decision-making, and intelligence of edge computing resources. At the same time, provide unified edge device/application management, monitoring and operation and maintenance capabilities in the cloud, and provide enterprises with a complete edge computing solution of edge cloud collaborative integration services

icp edge follows the definition of cloud side collaborative architecture in the industry of cloud computing open source industry alliance, edge computing industry alliance, industrial interconnection industry alliance and so on, adopts the kubernetes+docker technology route, provides users with a lightweight edge cloud engine on the edge side, and builds a container application running environment

icp edge is close to the data source, providing users with computing power on the edge side. For business scenarios with large amount of data, high reliability and time delay sensitivity, especially industrial interconnection (Industrial visual inspection), smart city (community awareness management) and smart water conservancy (river hydrological monitoring), it can complete the calculation work on the edge side nearby, and gather the results to the cloud for unification as needed. It also involves multidisciplinary Technological innovation theory in multiple fields, while using the powerful computing power of the cloud to support big data analysis and mining, and distribute the trained model to the edge, so as to further provide support for business optimization decisions

source: Inspur Group

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