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Inspur launched industry-level cloud services to build an independent and controllable cloud service system

ctiforum June 9 news (Li Wenjie): on May 28, Inspur released industry-level cloud service products in Jinan. This is the first industry-level cloud service product launched in China after the data curve reanalysis and automatic identification experiment was broken. This product takes independent and controllable technology as the core, and can provide safe and reliable cloud service solutions for various industries in China

the industry level cloud service product released this time is a cloud service product produced after more than four years of research and practice, based on the definition of industry cloud standards by Inspur in 2010 and combined with years of industry cloud construction practice, which adapts to the changes in cloud computing technology and triggers the changes in business models and service models brought about by the industry informatization from self built data centers to the purchase of cloud computing resources. Industry cloud is a cloud platform established and maintained by organizations that play a leading role or master key resources in the industry or a region, and provide paid or free services to the industry or relevant organizations and the public in an open or semi open manner. Industry level cloud service refers to providing cloud computing resources for all organizational units in the industry through service delivery, sharing industry data, and improving the level of social services; Horizontally, it is the government affairs cloud built by provincial and municipal governments, and vertically, it is the financial enterprise cloud built by financial industry organizations

previously, there were two ways for industry level customers to obtain cloud services: one is to purchase public cloud services, but due to the high standardization and openness of public cloud platforms, the security, customization and compliance needs of industry customers cannot be met; The second is to build a private cloud. By building a cloud computing center by industry organizations, not only will building a private cloud itself generate a lot of capital investment, resulting in the high cost of information construction, but also an independent and segmented data center and business system similar to the traditional information construction mode will be formed among different organizations, which cannot cover multiple organizational units in the industry, which is detrimental to data sharing. In this situation, the industry urgently needs cloud service products to meet the informatization construction of industry organizations. It is precisely this market opportunity that has been found. Relying on years of business experience in government and enterprise industries, Inspur has launched industry-level cloud services to meet the urgent needs of industry customers for cloud services

Yan Liang, director of Inspur cloud service, introduced that Inspur industry level cloud service takes autonomous and controllable technology as the core, adopts an innovative and small-scale service mode of flexible customization and high customization on demand, and meets the diversified business needs of industry customers of different sizes and it levels through the matching, combination and customized development of various cloud services, Any industry can find its own highly trusted cloud service solutions in Inspur. The Jinan government affairs cloud and Shandong Police Affairs cloud built by Inspur have achieved good demonstration results and have had a great impact on the industry

the prism gate incident revealed that the United States has stolen data information from many countries around the world. In April this year, the U.S. Court ruled that Google, Microsoft and other companies must submit data to the United States no matter where they store the data. This means that if our industry cloud uses cloud services from foreign and foreign-funded manufacturers, the security of business systems and data cannot be guaranteed, posing a potential threat to national information security. At present, China's industry cloud carries business systems and data that are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood and economic operation. The development of cloud computing will inevitably lead to the further concentration of information in various links such as collection, transmission, storage and processing, which will make information security become the focus of China's cloud construction. In order to safeguard national network security and protect the legitimate interests of Chinese users, China is about to launch a network security review system, which will implement security review for information technology products and services related to national security to ensure security and controllability. Information network security review will not only review products and services, but also involve supply chain security review. At present, it is a good time for Inspur to launch industry-level cloud service products

Inspur's industry-class cloud service products are based on Inspur's cloud infrastructure platform, and have three advantages: self-control, high customization, and high credibility. Based on the trusted cloud standardization system, Inspur industry level cloud services has created a series of cloud service components suitable for industry level customers, such as cloud server, cloud storage, cloud disaster tolerance, cloud acceleration, data integration and mining (IOP big data processing platform), with the whole system of equipment self-control, advanced data encryption technology as the core, and based on the cloud computing center that meets the national class a standard and the national class III guarantee requirements, to build environmental security The three security systems of platform security and data security ensure the security and credibility of Inspur's industry-class cloud services in an all-round and multi angle way

at present, Inspur has been approved the idc/isp cross regional license of the Ministry of industry and information technology. At the same time, Inspur has fully possessed the ability to build an autonomous and controllable cloud infrastructure platform. It has successively undertaken two major projects of the National 863 plan: high-end fault-tolerant and mass storage. Inspur Tissot K1 high-end fault-tolerant computer and Inspur Pb level high-performance mass storage system have passed the national acceptance, filling the domestic gap. The birth of these two informatization core technology and equipment has changed the embarrassing situation that China relies on foreign brands in core fields such as finance and telecommunications, completely broke the long-term monopoly of foreign brands, and laid a solid foundation for building China's independent, controllable, safe and reliable cloud computing infrastructure platform. Relying on self-contained and controllable cloud equipment technology, Inspur plans the layout of the national cloud data center to Heilongjiang in the north and Hainan in the south, providing a reliable data storage environment, high-quality maintenance services and all-weather high-quality expert technical support for the specific needs of industry-level customers. Hebaohong, director of the interconnection center of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology and executive vice president of the data center alliance, said: China is establishing its own trusted cloud standardization system, and Inspur has provided valuable practical experience. Inspur industry level cloud services from minicomputers, x86 host platforms, mass storage, fourth generation data centers, to cloud service management platforms, big data platforms have achieved independent research and development, with a high degree of independent controllability, which is difficult for other cloud service providers to compare

Yan Guanhe, an expert at the meeting, said: after the emergence of industry-class cloud services, for governments and enterprises, information system construction can completely change from the traditional self purchase of equipment and software to the purchase of services. There is no need to worry about the security of cloud services, effectively improve it efficiency and save operating costs. At the same time, we can use big data technology to integrate multi-party data and innovate smart applications

at present, the construction mode of industry cloud has appeared the inflection point of rent construction ratio, and various government and enterprise industries have tried to obtain cloud computing resources by purchasing services. For example, in the field of government affairs, government procurement of cloud services has become an international common practice. Governments of various countries actively accelerate the formation of the layout and industrial development of their own cloud services through policy guidance, standard setting, investment and other means

the Jinan government affairs cloud built by Inspur is based on the Jinan public information platform, invested, constructed and operated by Inspur Group, and has established a perfect operation and management system, which realizes the purchase instead of construction, unified construction and unified supervision, and the separation of application software and technical support environment. All departments purchase and use cloud center service resources as required, reducing government investment by about 30%. In addition, Inspur has also set up a professional operation team to provide professional 7*24-hour services, ensuring the efficient operation of 53 departments of Jinan municipal government and more than 300 business applications in the cloud center, which has doubled the online efficiency of government business. The management specifications, service specifications, security specifications and mature business models of the system summarized by Inspur provide independent, controllable and safe cloud services for the government. This not only created a precedent for the overall purchase of cloud services by Chinese urban governments in terms of technical specifications, security specifications and business specifications, but also set a model for the new model of government purchase of services nationwide

subsequently, Hainan Province officially announced the establishment of a provincial government cloud computing center. It not only prevents data loss caused by forgetting to save the disk due to sudden power failure; All departments directly under the provincial government have realized the unified use of the cloud computing center built by Inspur, and the government informatization of all cities and counties has been gradually incorporated into the overall planning of the construction of the cloud computing center, so as to finally realize the overall purchase of cloud services by the provincial government informatization. According to the requirements of cloud computing center business and data centralization for higher standards of information security, the construction of cloud computing center will strictly comply with the requirements of information security level protection and relevant national standards, give priority to the use of domestic technology and equipment, build an overall solution for information security, and establish a risk prevention and control management system consisting of two-dimensional crystal testing and application system security audit composed of carbon atoms, Form a safe and credible security protection system to ensure the safe, controllable and efficient operation of Hainan government cloud computing center. Clear and detailed regulations have been made on cloud computing center management, resource use application, cloud service pricing, unified procurement, etc

Changde Municipal government and Inspur Group work together to build the overall framework of smart Changde through the three steps of building a cloud center, integrating data resources and building a public service platform, integrating the data within the traditional government organizations, integrating the data between government departments, innovating the operation mode and opening up in an orderly manner. Through data opening, we can realize the deep processing of data and solidly promote the application of public services, Drive a number of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and cultivate new information consumption industry chains. It has created a new model of smart city construction and selected strategic partners for smart city construction through public bidding by the government; The concept of cloud center has risen from the traditional narrow IAAs layer platform cloud computing center to the generalized cloud computing center integrating IAAs, PAAS and SaaS three-layer platforms; The service mode has changed from traditional infrastructure services to all-round operation integrating software and hardware; The project construction has changed from traditional procurement and construction to investment and operation

the practice of cloud services in Jinan, Hainan and Changde has led a number of cities and regions in China, such as Harbin, Mianyang, Changzhi and Haidian District of Beijing, to adopt Inspur cloud services

according to Yan Liang, cloud service director of Inspur Group, Inspur will further accelerate the strategic transformation to cloud services in 2014 from the following five aspects: first, focus on industry-level cloud services and continue to improve industry-level customer service capabilities; Second, give full play to Inspur's leading advantages in technology, and vigorously develop Inspur cloud service management platform (ICP) and big data processing platform (IOP) to provide reliable support for industry-class cloud services; Third, the layout of the top 10 fourth generation data centers in Harbin in the north and Hainan in the south, providing industry-class cloud services; Fourth, vigorously promote the replication of Jinan government cloud model on the basis of the cloud strategic cooperation of more than 30 industries that have been reached; Fifth, further strengthen regional localization construction, focus on developing 300 cloud intelligence alliance partners, and improve customer-oriented localization and professional service capabilities

as a strategic emerging industry, cloud computing is a key means to improve the level of government public management and public services, and drive the adjustment and upgrading of local industrial structure. The general office of the State Council issued document No. 96 "guiding opinions on government purchasing services from social forces", encouraging governments at all levels to provide services to social forces

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