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Inspur AI micro module data center won the annual award again, leading the innovation of new infrastructure

on September 4, the 11th China excellent data center summit focusing on the development of new infrastructure and the 26th annual meeting of the data center branch of China Computer Users Association, which was hosted by the Data Center branch of China Computer Users Association, was grandly held in Beijing. At the meeting, Inspur AI micro module data center won the annual innovative product award, marking that Inspur's advanced concept and practice of AI enabled smart new infrastructure innovation have been recognized by the industry

the data center branch of China computer users association is the most authoritative information exchange platform and professional consulting organization in the field of data center computer room technology and management in China, and has made important contributions to the specialization, standardization and internationalization of data center computer rooms in China. The 2019 annual innovative product award is selected by industry experts organized by the data center branch of China computer users association from the aspects of technology progressiveness, industry representation, social influence and so on

Inspur AI micro module data center

AI intelligent modular data center innovation

Data Center is the cornerstone of the development of smart new infrastructure. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and enabling various industries, the era of data center as a traditional infrastructure is gradually passing away. In the future, data centers will embrace artificial intelligence, become the commanding heights of the next wave of technological innovation, and move towards a new era of smart infrastructure. In this regard, Inspur innovation develops AI micro module data center, endows intelligent data center with AI capability, and opens the road of intelligent innovation of data center

Inspur AI micro module data center integrates various subsystems such as power distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, generic cabling, intelligent management, security alarm, etc., and is characterized by intelligence, high density, high reliability, on-demand combination, flexible deployment, and rapid delivery. Among them, Inspur makes deep use of AI capabilities to realize efficient and intelligent operation and maintenance management of micro module data center

based on AI power, AI cooling, AI manager, AI rack, AI Env and other systems, AI micro module data center has built intelligent AI management and control software, which can detect and monitor the environment and equipment dynamic parameters, and control each equipment as a whole, forming a network of intelligent centralized monitoring of power and environment. He also applied to Sichuan Provincial Institute of science and technology information (national first-class scientific and technological novelty retrieval consulting unit) for a scientific and technological novelty retrieval and control system

On the one hand, the AI monitoring system uses the visual neural network algorithm to carry out real-time image reasoning and calculation in the data center, which can standardize staff operations, realize fault detection and intrusion monitoring; On the other hand, the system can integrate and analyze all the data in the data center, and use the immersive three-dimensional visualization system to display the actual situation of the data center, so as to realize the ability of intelligent asset management, space management, intelligent inspection and intelligent task scheduling, so as to greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the data center

intelligent alarm capability of Inspur AI micro module data center

ai micro module empowers smart brains in various industries

Inspur AI micro module data center has made innovative attempts in intelligent simultaneous operation and maintenance of data centers in multiple industries. According to the pain points and needs of different industries and customers, AI micro module data center uses AI intelligence to realize the intelligent operation and control of the data center, and create an efficient, intensive, green and energy-saving smart brain for different industries

at present, the intelligent ability of Inspur AI micro module has been applied to the computing platform of colleges and universities, providing intelligent computing support for scientific research and innovation in China. Among them, the AI micro module data center built a high-performance computing cluster (2.0 cluster) for Shanghai Jiaotong University, with a double precision theoretical peak performance of 2.1 PFlops, which is one of the fastest supercomputing in domestic universities and Shanghai. With the help of the intelligent computing power of AI micro module data center, Central South University will land the first intelligent computing platform in Colleges and universities, realize more than 5000 trillion times of ultra-high computing power in a 195 square space, and change the development trend of College computing infrastructure with a highly intelligent high-performance intelligent computing platform

Inspur AI micro module data center builds Shanghai Jiaotong University 2.0 high-performance computing cluster

Inspur AI micro module data center is located on the intelligent computing platform of Central South University

in addition, in the infrastructure environment of fast, the world's largest aperture radio telescope, AI micro module data center is providing strong support for its AI computing platform and distributed storage platform; Inspur AI micro module is also applied in the Innovation Laboratory of the financial industry data center of a state-owned bank as a test field for the new infrastructure of financial intelligence, opening the innovation road of the advanced data center of financial technology

Inspur AI micro module data center can not only improve the construction and delivery speed of the data center, but also significantly improve the energy efficiency and intelligent management level. Its intelligent ability will continue to enable different business scenarios in the future, and open up a new path for the exploration and practice of smart new infrastructure in the future through efficient integration and innovation

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