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Inspur big data Seattle R & D center was officially unveiled a few days ago

ctiforum news on October 20 (Li Wenjie): Inspur big data Seattle R & D center was officially unveiled during the China US internet forum held in Seattle, USA a few days ago. The construction of the center is an important measure for Inspur to build diamond products with the help of international advanced technology, introduce excellent overseas talents, and establish an overseas domestic collaborative R & D mechanism. This is also a milestone for Inspur to further promote its development strategy with cloud computing and big data as the core and meet the arrival of the era of data economy

meet the data transformation

it is worth mentioning that at the end of August, the State Council issued the action outline for promoting the development of big data (hereinafter referred to as the outline), pointing out that to adhere to innovation driven development, accelerate the deployment of big data, and deepen the application of big data has become the internal need and inevitable choice for stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting people's livelihood, and promoting the modernization of government governance ability. Against this background, it is of great significance for Inspur to establish a big data R & D center in Seattle

in fact, the outline is complementary to the interconnection + and made in China 2025 strategies proposed during the two sessions this year. Internet + brings more data. Giving full play to the value of these data is an effective support for the implementation of made in China 2025

the outline points out that it is necessary to promote the application of big data in the whole life cycle of products and the whole process of the industrial chain, such as industrial R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, marketing, after-sales service, etc., analyze and perceive user needs, improve product added value, and create an intelligent factory. Establish an industrial big data resource aggregation and analysis application platform for different industries and links. Seize the opportunity of cross-border integration of Internet, promote the integrated application of big data, IOT, cloud computing, three-dimensional (3D) printing technology and personalized customization in the whole industrial chain of manufacturing industry, and promote the reform of manufacturing mode and industrial transformation and upgrading

as a leading enterprise in the field of enterprise informatization in China, Langchao proposed the enterprise big data strategy of big data reconstructing enterprise intelligence as early as last year. At that time, Wang Xingshan, CEO of Inspur Group, said that every round of new technological revolution will have a profound impact on the management and operation mode of enterprises. The integration of emerging information technology and enterprise management innovation has spawned a new business model in Japan, which is close to China. Big data is reconstructing enterprise wisdom and promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading

today, Inspur also further emphasizes the data economy. Sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, explained that the data economy, based on the new generation of information technology and centered on the interconnection and application of massive data, will constitute the traditional industries that form the cornerstone of social operation, integrate data resources into all links of industrial innovation and upgrading through interconnection and IOT, change the operation mode and value output mode of traditional industries, and build a new efficient, intelligent Convenient social operation mode and new economic form of lifestyle

sun Pishu believes that the temperature of the cylinder in traditional enterprises is also set at 200 ° C; According to the data transformation process, it needs to go through three stages: internal refinement, external interconnection and digital intelligence: first, realize the management informatization of all links of the value chain such as enterprise R & D, design, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and service, and realize refined management; Then, based on the new generation of information technology means to connect with the outside world, realize mobile applications, e-commerce, e-procurement, cloud manufacturing, etc., and lay the foundation for digital intelligence; Finally, the enterprise realizes the integration of internal and external data, optimizes, analyzes and innovates the enterprise value chain, and reshapes the enterprise wisdom

in Wang Xingshan's view, realizing intelligent decision-making is a great value brought by big data applications. Intelligent decision-making forms enterprise big data through the collection, integration and storage of internal and external data of the enterprise, and then uses the analysis model to reveal the data law, and visually presents it to end users through visual tools, providing innovative data services in addition to traditional analysis applications

for example, big data can enhance the decision-making value of internal reports: Based on central accounting, use big data technology to enrich the connotation of internal management reports and play the decision-making role of management accounting

for another example, enterprises can establish an inverted triangle organizational structure based on big data technology, promote the independent business entity internally, break the original functional departments, and each department forms a whole in the independent business entity, makes independent accounting, assumes complete responsibility for market indicators, and realizes its own value while creating market value

big data reconstruction management software

then, how should enterprises make full use of big data technology

the outline clearly points out that we should use big data to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, study and promote the application of big data in all links of the industrial chain such as R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, marketing, after-sales service, develop big data analysis and Application platforms for different industries and links, and select typical enterprises, key industries, and key regions to carry out the pilot of big data application projects for industrial enterprises, Actively promote the networking and intellectualization of the manufacturing industry

Wang Xingshan pointed out that on the premise of using informatization to achieve refined management, enterprises should make full use of big data to innovate management mode, improve decision-making level, and give full play to the value of big data, so as to help enterprises realize data transformation. In the field of manufacturing, big data technology can be used to capture, store, process and analyze the massive data generated in the production process, which is difficult to be completed by conventional database technology, so as to further carry out real-time and targeted analysis of the enterprise's products, operations, sales and customer data, and gradually use it to guide the next round of R & D, production, sales and services, so as to effectively realize on-demand production. With the help of big data, it can also realize the exchange and sharing of data in vertical links within the enterprise, as well as upstream and downstream data such as customers, suppliers and partners, so as to establish a data open platform for the industrial chain, and finally form a personalized customization and precision service capability in the manufacturing field. Manufacturing enterprises can provide professional services closely related to their products by taking advantage of their operational advantages in the upstream of the value chain, through the integration of products and services, the full participation of partners and customers, and the mutual provision of productive services and service production. Through the low-cost perception, high-speed mobile connection, distributed computing and advanced analysis brought by mobile Internet and big data, it can innovate the R & D, production, operation, marketing and management methods of enterprises, promote the transformation of manufacturing enterprises from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, and accelerate the implementation of made in China 2025

in this context, aiming at the application characteristics of enterprise informatization in the era of big data, Inspur plans to fully support the enterprise informatization architecture in the era of big data. This problem still occurs after checking it. By building a big data platform integrating business analysis platform, data integration platform, data acquisition and storage platform, Inspur comprehensively integrates internal data of enterprise finance, ERP, HCM, CRM, OA and other systems, as well as external big data such as e-commerce, social networking, macroeconomic, upstream and downstream, interconnection, IOT and so on, to help enterprises fully tap the rapidly growing value of internal and external data, find and grasp business opportunities, Finally, realize the collaborative office within the enterprise and the business collaboration of the industrial chain, and improve the operation efficiency

Inspur has a leading big data application platform and an information panoramic platform for large enterprises. Based on the open architecture of cloud computing, it adopts technologies such as big data processing, process intelligence, intelligent message push, socialized collaboration, and service-oriented institutions to provide coverage of enterprise operation and management data, industrial data, upstream and downstream enterprise data It is a unified application integration function that integrates data such as Internet data and enterprise business application processes. Through mobile application platforms, open platforms, application integration platforms, business analysis platforms and other core tools and services, build open, safe and controllable development services and data services, support enterprises and partners to develop innovative application services, and comprehensively support the establishment of smart enterprises with data reconstruction

it is worth mentioning that Langchao has mature data and business analysis products (BA). As a key project supported by the National 863 program, it has accumulated the most business analysis models in the industry and is currently the most advanced manufacturing business intelligence analysis platform in China. Inspur also released Inspur data integrator V6.0 data integration products earlier this year to further improve its solutions in the field of data integration. As a powerful tool for data integration, Inspur IDI can support enterprises to integrate scattered, messy and non-uniform data through cleaning and transformation, forming a unified data center for enterprises, so as to provide a complete and high-quality analysis basis for enterprise decision-making and analysis, and effectively solve the problem of enterprise information island

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