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Inspur IOP provides support for operators' 4G planning strategy

in 2014, China Mobile's large-scale LTE network construction work spread out. Inspur achieved effective support for the LTE planning strategic map with the help of the IOP platform, providing effective data support and analysis for Beijing Mobile's LTE network planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. The first marine plastic cleaner will be used to try to deal with marine debris, It has laid a solid platform foundation for the overall operation of LTE network

China Mobile is facing unprecedented network pressure

China Mobile's operating revenue in 2013 was 630.2 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the previous year; The net profit was 121.7 billion yuan, a decrease of 5.9% over the previous year. This is also the first time that the net profit of the company has declined since 1999. After the release of the annual report, China Mobile's share price was under pressure, falling by 3.6% worldwide for exhibitors such as Anxinda. This is also the price that China Mobile has to pay due to the technological gap in the 3G era. After the issuance of 4G licenses, China Mobile hopes to reverse the situation. This year, it will increase capital expenditure by 40.3 billion yuan, focusing on 4G construction. In 2014, it will establish the world's largest 4G network with 500000 base stations

as the largest network operator in the world, China Mobile faces unprecedented pressure in network maintenance. The complexity brought by the four synergy increases exponentially, which makes it difficult to maintain the excellent quality of the network. At the same time, the end-to-end quality assurance of business based on customer perception puts forward new requirements for network planning ability. Facing the increasing complexity of network structure and the continuous growth of business scale, aggregating various data to achieve a good bridge between network construction and business needs has become an important issue to be solved by network operators. As a provincial company with the main body of network maintenance, Beijing Mobile faces the same problem

there is an information island effect in the network management of Beijing Mobile.

the overall network management of Beijing Mobile is supported by 27 systems, but they are isolated from each other and have redundant information, which makes it difficult to realize information sharing and effectively release the value of network data. Take the LTE network as an example: its planning data is managed by the Design Institute, its engineering data is managed by the network construction department, and its operation and maintenance data is managed by the maintenance department. The information is separated from each other and cannot be effectively penetrated. It is difficult to maximize the release of data value, so it is difficult to effectively support the overall layout of the operator's LTE network

at the same time, in terms of network planning, China Mobile currently has four networks, namely GSM, TD, WLAN and LTE, in which ordinary linear potentiometers and circular potentiometers can be used as linear displacement and angular displacement sensors respectively. How to consider the coordinated operation of the four networks in the LTE planning and construction stage is the key for operators to revitalize their existing assets at the minimum cost. Beijing Mobile also faces this problem. In view of the current situation of Beijing Mobile, Inspur IOP data processing platform integrates multi-point data to aggregate information and lay out the overall planning and construction layout for LTE

Inspur IOP creates a strategic map of LTE planning for Beijing Mobile.

Inspur IOP cooperates with Beijing Mobile to manage the planning and construction and business objectives in a unified manner, forming an LTE planning and construction strategy that serves the whole company level of cross departmental collaborative operations. (1) when the motor produces abnormal noise: figure. Using the idea of real-time, panoramic and management of data, the effective data integration of multi-party data is carried out. On the basis of resource data integration, the rule-based connection and association are realized. Upward support the serial connection with the business. At the application platform level, it supports the rapid incubation of key applications. It realizes the transformation of the construction mode from heavy-duty system to light equivalent application, greatly shortens the development cycle of the application, and achieves the rapid response of user needs and the rapid arrival of business support

lte planning station guidance: according to the progress of station construction, it is divided into three types: no disclosure, no disclosure, and opening. Combined with geographical information, it objectively presents the distribution effect on GIS, and takes the four coordinated development as the starting point to conduct multi-party data analysis, so as to better guide the planning and construction of LTE network

horizontal integration of data: data is systematically and horizontally integrated to realize data connection and association among multiple systems

vertical decoupling of Construction: build an architecture that separates applications, platforms, and data

environment for full participation: build a collaborative environment for the interaction of users, platforms and manufacturers, realize the centralized loading of applications and unified standards for application entry, and create an environment for the fair participation of multiple manufacturers

the platform integrates the data between relevant departments, and visually presents the distribution and construction progress of all LTE sites in the form of GIS services, so that the planning, construction and optimization work can be carried out in a more orderly manner, providing a powerful starting point for the management to coordinate the collective efforts of all departments. Through the analysis and statistics of the planned construction sites from different dimensions, concise and effective guidance suggestions are formed. So as to break the information island effect between departments, promote the full life cycle management of Beijing Mobile, and improve the accuracy of resource allocation

Inspur data processing platform IOP has built an overall network environment for Beijing Mobile to penetrate multi system barriers, integrate the wisdom of many manufacturers, and build an open integration environment, effectively improving its management ability. In the future, Inspur will continue to provide strong support for the reform of China Mobile's centralized operation and maintenance system by relying on the big data processing architecture of Hadoop on the IOP platform and traditional databases

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