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On April, at the ipf2021 Inspur data center Partner Conference, Inspur released the dual technology route strategy. Traditional technology + open technology are in parallel, which is Inspur's smart plan; Computing strategy provides the ultimate end-to-end connectivity, further meets the market's needs for openness, customization, integration and ecology, improves the collaborative competitiveness of end edge cloud and the ability of ecological construction, and accelerates the intelligent transformation of enterprises

as a member of the three open computing organizations, Inspur supports all kinds of open standards and has been committed to building an open computing ecosystem. At this conference, Inspur network launched a new one within the open technology strategy -- Inspur open network platform P, which builds an open network platform from the three levels of hardware architecture, operating system and application ecosystem, and helps open up the discrete computing ecosystem through intelligent connection capabilities

At present, the era of consumer interconnection is gradually changing to the era of industrial interconnection. The rise and development of industrial interconnection has prompted the reconstruction of traditional production, sales, circulation, financing and other processes. At the same time, related emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 5g and blockchain, are also gradually maturing and landing, driving the intelligent upgrading of the industry, which is driven by computing power

to promote the rapid development of smart computing, we need to build a high-performance, reliable and scalable computing network to support rapid and flexible business innovation and deployment. In order to cope with the new trend of computing power diversification and ecological discretization, langlangluo decided to use traditional + open technology to cope with new challenges

traditional network technology route: Based on international advanced technology, Inspur network data center products can effectively meet the stringent needs of key business scenarios such as government, finance, medical treatment and enterprises

open network technology route: the new open network technology route launched by Inspur network this time provides a variety of capabilities for the computing power of intelligent connection end-to-end cloud. In addition, in order to help open up the discrete computing ecosystem, Inspur network has created an open network platform - P

Inspur open network platform P

Inspur open network platform P defines an open architecture from three levels, including open network application ecology, open the following information. You have detailed the liberated network operating system, and open network chip support:

open network chip support - provides additional computing power for smart connections

Inspur network professional hardware research and development team, integrating computing power into the design of network switches, It enables the network switch to have the computing ability on the edge side, provides additional computing power for intelligent connection, and realizes the close collaboration of end edge cloud, creating a new possibility

open network operating system -- promote the more flexible transformation of computing power into productivity

Inspur network has made diversified attempts on the operating system, and can deeply customize the network operating system with tight business coupling and loose hardware coupling according to the needs of customers for computing power scheduling, so as to promote the more flexible transformation of computing power into productivity

open network application ecosystem - provide a variety of landing scenarios for smart connection

Inspur has been committed to building a complete ecosystem. Based on the Inspur open network operation system, the cylinder body adopts the application ecosystem of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting materials, which provides the possibility of smart connection diversity landing scenarios

Inspur smart network solution

in the data center scenario, through the perfect cooperation between Inspur high-performance data center products (including cn12900, cn12700, cn9000, cn6000 series products) and Inspur smart data center engine ice, users can be provided with a full stack data center network solution from super large-scale smart computing center to light luxury data center, effectively improving the operation efficiency of smart computing center

in the smart park scenario, through the flexible combination of Inspur network S-Series switches and IOT integrated wireless, routing and security products, it is perfectly matched with Inspur smart park network engine dne, It has formed a complete wave of wisdom. In the study of visible light and invisible light, it says: "When we sit in the office, the park solutions have been widely used in government, medical treatment, education, enterprises and other industries.

as an important connection channel of Inspur smart computing strategy, Inspur network will continue to provide end-to-end smart connection capabilities for computing power transmission through its core advantages in product ecology, solution services and so on, and help improve the collaborative competitiveness and ecological construction capabilities of enterprises , promote the development of smart computing with smart connection

source: Inspur Group

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