The hottest wave of applets is coming. Your compan

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When the wave of applets strikes, your company can also launch applets immediately.

the birth of a new tool is like a sharp sword splitting human beings in two. Some people rely on new tools to improve their destiny. Some people led by the Chemical Sales South China branch will only blindly exclude them until the end, lamenting that the development of the times is too fast. Whether it's Taobao 14 years ago, Sina Weibo 8 years ago or official account 5 years ago, the same opportunity turns out that some people make a lot of money, while others get nothing? The reason is that enterprises grasp the market opportunity

since the official release of the applet on January 9, 2017, it has grown into a relatively complete ecosystem in just over a year. Through the combination of underlying technology and traffic entry, the applet has penetrated into various life scenes such as e-commerce retail, social networking, content, transportation and travel, and life services

according to the "2017 economic and social impact study" report officially released by the Institute of industry planning of the Chinese Academy of communications, in 2017, it directly drove information consumption of 209.7 billion yuan and traffic consumption of 191.1 billion yuan. By the beginning of 2018, 95% of e-commerce platforms had access to apps. As a multi-level, organic, iterative and evolving professional program, applet is interconnected in the ecosystem. As of January 2018, the number of small programs has reached 58, 000 ring block friction and wear testing machines that evaluate the smooth function of various smoothing agents, and more than 170million daily active accounts

time waits for me. Taking advantage of the trend, more and more businesses and individuals develop small programs that better meet their own needs. But at present, more than 95% of enterprises do not have the technical ability to develop a small program in blue that is rotten in the light for themselves, but we can't give up the huge market of small programs easily. Electromechanical home will open the red sea of small programs for you

as the first B2B portal in the electromechanical industry, the electromechanical home is based on the operating steps of the spring experimental machine. It is directly connected to the industrial chain of the electromechanical industry and is committed to providing enterprises with a one-stop business platform. The "enterprise marketing industrial cloud deployment" (referred to as "industrial cloud") launched this time not only provides enterprises with the development and construction of small programs, At the same time, from the most basic station domain name registration - Industrial cloud store operation - official account service - app development service and other forms to achieve the full coverage of PC + mobile terminal. Only 5888 yuan per year, and 8888 yuan for 3 years

at the same time, the industrial cloud package also includes a number of value-added services, such as intellectual property services (trademark registration, patent application), electromechanical media services (person interviews, product interviews), enterprise recruitment services, which fundamentally solve all users' problems and provide users with more accurate business services

users who need to understand and order industrial cloud packages can inquire about the exclusive customer service in the electromechanical home app

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