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A new revolution in glass energy saving - Nadun new glass thermal insulation coating in recent years, the heat insulation and energy saving of buildings have been paid more and more attention by the state and all walks of life. One of the reasons is that with the global warming, the high temperature and temperature in summer increase and last longer, which is the most direct climatic reason; Secondly, with the sustained and rapid economic growth in China, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and the hot summer climate has attracted more and more attention; Thirdly, at the macro-economic level, China's rapid economic growth is accompanied by rapid growth in energy consumption. As a country not rich in energy, this has brought great pressure to the sustained, healthy and stable development of China's economy. Therefore, in recent years, the government has taken a variety of measures to encourage the implementation of circular economy at all levels. It needs to make early preparations to accept the recruitment and formulate corresponding specific policies and regulations to reduce energy consumption. For example, building related issues include: this year, China's renewable resources law and the regulations on building energy conservation issued by the Ministry of construction, and the regulations on building energy conservation in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone have also been implemented

in the recent National Eleventh Five year development plan, the requirement for building energy conservation is that the sealing ring or combined gasket should be replaced in time when energy conservation 6 is achieved; 0% target. As 70% of the heat energy of the building is lost from the glass window, people pay more attention to the energy consumption of building glass

many experts in the field of glass energy consumption research focus on the two aspects of glass energy saving: pursuing higher energy-saving performance and lower price. The energy-saving requirements of glass focus on two points: higher heat insulation rate and higher light transmittance, that is, how to make glass both heat insulation and transparency. At present, there are three common methods for glass energy saving: one is to use the heat insulation film, that is, the solar film. At present, the glass insulation films with reliable quality that can be seen in the market are all imported, and the price per square meter is generally yuan or even higher. If this price is used in a large area, many ordinary people can't afford it. Therefore, 2. Equipment acceptance is carried out at the user's site, which is only widely used in the automotive glass market. The second method is to use heat reflective film, but such products have low light transmittance and cannot be widely used. The third is Low-E insulating glass, which has been produced by major domestic glass brands, but its price is also relatively high, about 250 yuan per square meter

after years of hard exploration, Shenzhen Dona Technology Co., Ltd. finally successfully developed a new type of glass heat insulation coating with high cost performance - Nadun glass heat insulation coating. Nadun coating is crystal clear, with excellent water resistance, high surface hardness: H, super adhesion: grade 0, good acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, temperature difference resistance, weather resistance and flame retardancy. The coating is a water-based two-component environmental protection type, free of benzene, ketone, ester and other components, free TDI and other harmful substances, green and environmental protection. It can be widely used in automobiles and various buildings. It not only has good light transmittance, but also can effectively isolate the solar heat radiation. It has a strong intuitive feeling. It has been tested by the national building materials center that the coating has excellent spectral selectivity, and the coating thickness is only 8 ~ 9. Then turn on the power supply of the testing machine host μ m. Visible light transmittance above 75%; Shielding more than 99% ultraviolet (wavelength nm, seriously endangering health and damaging furniture); The near-infrared (780 ~ 2500nm) barrier rate is more than 65%, which can reduce the temperature of the sunned object by more than 8 ℃, reduce the indoor temperature by 2 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, and save energy by 20 ~ 30%. Even without air conditioning, it can achieve the effect of "warm in winter and cool in summer". Nadun transparent thermal insulation and energy-saving water-based coating costs only about tens of yuan per square meter of material and construction, which has a very high cost performance ratio. Nadun coating will be the best transparent thermal insulation coating for energy-saving upgrading and reaching the standard of ordinary glass, and can be widely used in transparent thermal insulation and energy saving of building glass, vehicle and ship glass and plexiglass. The cost of processing double-layer insulating glass with Nadun glass insulation coating is only two fifths of that of Low-E insulating glass, and the visual effect of heat insulation and energy saving is better than that of Low-E insulating glass. According to statistics, the annual output of glass in China is about 13.44 million square meters, of which more than 80% is used for architectural decoration; By the end of 2004, the current building glass volume in China was 1.5 billion square meters. As long as% of them adopted Nadun transparent insulating glass energy-saving coating, the output value would exceed 30billion yuan. With the great development potential and good prospects of Nadun glass thermal insulation coating, it will surely attract more people with lofty ideals with keen vision to join it

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