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Jiangsu glass bottle glass bottle manufacturers there are many glass bottle manufacturers in Jiangsu. It must be well known by people in the glass industry. This time, I will introduce some glass bottle manufacturers in Jiangsu

Xuzhou Anji glass products Co., Ltd.:

the company provides the following services to customers all over the country: grape wine bottles, craft glass bottles, glass honey bottles, glass jam bottles, glass pickle bottles, glass soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles, glass sesame oil bottles, wine bottles, glass beverage bottles, glass jars, Sufu glass bottles, flavoring glass bottles, fruit wine glass bottles, health wine bottles, fruit juice glass bottles, medicine glass bottles, coffee glass bottles Glass mouth cup, glass milk bottle, glass candlestick, glass handle sub cup, glass water cup, glass oral liquid bottle, fruit tea glass bottle, wine bottle, tomato sauce glass bottle, rice wine bottle, perfume bottle, cream bottle, essential oil bottle, nail oil bottle, brown glass bottle, etc., and can be used for deep processing of glass bottles, such as frosting, lettering, porcelain and so on. Guests can also process and customize according to their own bottle shape. Our factory produces all kinds of tinplate covers and plastic covers, and processes and prints trademark patent covers, supporting all kinds of plastic covers, tinplate covers, aluminum covers, Lu plastic combination covers, etc. See more

Xuzhou Mengfei glass products Co., Ltd.:

Xuzhou glass bottle factory - glass bottle factory/Tengda glass products Co., Ltd./mold factory/carton factory. Covering an area of 266400 square meters, it is the largest glass bottle production base in China. It has 42 full-automatic production lines, with a daily output of 800000 glass bottles. The products are exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Germany, Spain, Australia and other countries. The products include: honey bottle, pickle bottle, beverage bottle, coffee bottle, fruit juice bottle, vinegar bottle, can head bottle, infusion gbt17600.2 ⑴ elongation conversion of 998 steel part 2 austenitic steel bottle, milk bottle, glass candlestick, cosmetic bottle, perfume bottle, sesame oil bottle, wine bottle and other 32 series of more than 1500 kinds. The static load testing machine also includes: universal testing machine, lettering, flower baking and other deep processing. The subordinate bottle cap factories have full-automatic capping machines and injection molding machines, which produce various numbers of tinplate caps and plastic caps, and process and print trademark patent caps, supporting all kinds of aluminum caps, Lu plastic combination caps, etc. See more

Jiangsu Zhongying Glass Technology Co., Ltd.:

Jiangsu Zhongying Glass Technology Co., Ltd., located in Mapo Glass Technology Industrial Park, Xuzhou City. Is a research and development, design and production, global sales as one of the professional manufacturers. The plant covers an area of 100 mu, with reasonable planning and beautiful environment; The company has strong technical force and advanced first-class automatic production equipment in China. The enterprise has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. The company operates a complete range of glassware, including glass bottles, glasses, glass cans, glass wine bottles, glass beverage bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetics bottles, pickles bottles, jars, honey bottles, infusion bottles, health bottles, glass candlesticks, glass handicrafts, glass vases, glass dishes, fruit plates and other glassware. View more

Xuzhou Tianhong Yihua Glass Technology Co., Ltd.:

Xuzhou Tianhong Yihua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. (manufacturer designated by foreign trade company) is located by the beautiful Weishan Lake. The modern standard workshop of the company is located in the bottle cap factory, a supporting enterprise under the jurisdiction of the 8th section Industrial Park in the northern suburbs of Xuzhou. Mold factory. Carton factory. Frosting plant. A flower roaster. Our factory has 15 full-automatic production lines and 20 manual lines, with a daily output of 800000 glass bottles. There are more than 1000 employees, including 58 senior technicians and 65 quality inspectors. The product quality is strictly controlled at all levels. The high-quality products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad. 60% of the products are exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries. See more

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