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The third generation of glass dog intelligent locks: frameless, high partition, framed

we can see that glass elements are used for decoration in families, streets, shopping malls and many other places. Especially the glass doors. We can see that their doors are glass in many shopping malls and enterprises. The shop windows in shopping malls are also made of glass. This shows that the glass door is a very important decoration material in our life and work. What is the classification knowledge of glass doors that are extremely relevant to our life? What are the relevant glass door locks? The editor led us to popularize

glass dog intelligence has basically approached the recycling limit of waste paper of various paper types. It can gradually enter the emerging fields of ink printing, transportation, safety protection, etc. to lock the third generation of categories: frameless, high partition, framed

I. classification of glass doors

1. Types of decorative glass doors: including frosted glass, embossed glass, carved glass, glazed glass, spray glass, ice glass, emulsified glass, etc., mainly due to different patterns. It has different colors, good gloss effect, good decorative effect, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, anti scouring and other characteristics

2. Types of safety glass doors: including tempered glass, bulletproof glass, wired glass and laminated glass. It has good lighting, easy cleaning, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, and does not scatter after fragmentation. The equipment used in the unconventional tensile test is generally hydraulic universal testing machine, which is easy to hurt people. And it has certain anti robbery, anti-theft and fire prevention functions

3. Types of energy-saving glass doors: special processes and coloring are adopted for the glass to effectively absorb the heat of solar radiation and achieve energy-saving effect; Secondly, it absorbs ultraviolet and visible light, so as to prevent the impact of ultraviolet on the indoor environment and meet the protection requirements of the product itself, and make the light soft

4. Types of coated glass doors: coated glass has the function of one-way penetration of line of sight (the line of sight can only be viewed from the side with coating to the side without coating). At the same time, it can expand the indoor space and vision, with good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect. It can be used in the walls, columns, corridors, etc. of the building lobby, and is also widely used in the external walls of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office buildings

5. Types of sliding glass doors: Frameless all glass doors that are mostly floor spring sliding doors of enterprises, institutions or public places are seen. Generally, tempered glass doors with a thickness of 12mm are used as glass doors, and some places have special sizes. For example, the glass doors in Wanda Plaza are 15m thick; The next is the high partition door of the hinge version of the office partition, which is basically 12mm thick; In street shops, many glass doors are thick glass doors with frames

glass dog intelligent lock third generation category: frameless, high partition, framed

II. Classification of glass door locks

1. Traditional mechanical door locks: floor lock, door clamp lock, U-shaped lock, chain lock, etc., are unlocked with keys. Glass doors need to be perforated. Glass doors must be opened before leaving the factory

2. Traditional electronic access control lock: it seems to be a complex project, which is not too big or too small. At least it needs electric lock, access control card reader, power supply, door switch and wire, etc. in addition, it also needs one important thing: manpower

3. New smart locks for glass doors: at present, there are also many smart locks for glass doors in the market. Among them, the most representative is the glass dog. The glass door is not perforated, not wired, installed for five minutes, and unloaded for three minutes. It is safe, solid, stable and powerful. In particular, the third generation of new glass dog, which will be released at the end of this month, has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in this regard

the third generation of glass dog will launch three categories: frameless, high partition and framed, which are worthy of attention

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