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The glass curtain wall has become an invisible killer with great risk factor. The memorial archway in Hefang Street collapsed, and unexpected disasters took away the innocent lives of two passers-by. According to the investigation, it was caused by the fracture of the joint between the reinforced concrete base and the wooden archway. In addition to sighing for them, we can not help but have some associations in the real estate industry that are closely related to everyone: what should we do if one day we walk in the downtown office buildings, or take a walk in our own community, and somehow get hit by the glass curtain wall or stone curtain wall falling from the sky

don't say it's impossible. There have been many glass curtain wall explosion and falling accidents in Hangzhou. In addition to what we know, those we don't know and those who fortunately didn't hurt people, there are many more. In Shanghai, where there are many tall buildings, in July and August, when the glass curtain wall is most prone to burst, there have been 8 explosion accidents that can ensure the stability of this kind of hydrogel since the chemical reaction. Fortunately, such accidents will be less and less in Shanghai in the future. As early as February this year, the administrative measures of Shanghai Municipality on building glass curtain walls was officially implemented, which stipulates that glass curtain walls are prohibited for 7 types of buildings, including residential buildings and hospitals. It is said that the design life of the glass curtain wall is only 25 years, so I can't help feeling a little flustered: those glass curtain wall office buildings built in the 1980s seem to have become an invisible killer with a great risk factor

office buildings generally use glass curtain walls. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered. It seems that the use of shielded wire for each signal transmission line is a "patent" for high-end residential buildings. In particular, it has become a new favorite of numerous developers in the past one or two years. Buildings in need often flaunt their grade with dry hanging stone. It can be said that "in the old days, the swallow in front of Wang Xie Tang flew into the homes of ordinary people". The improvement of the configuration is also a good thing. However, this year is in the downward period of the real estate market, and the new buildings are fighting hand-in-hand with the price to kill the bleeding road. Under this situation, the property buyers are more or less worried about the crazy discounts or the substantially lower prices, but still claim that the configuration does not change and the dry hanging stone remains unchanged: the unit price is only sold at a loss of sevenoreight thousand. They insist that the facade still uses the dry hanging stone, How cheap and reliable will this dry hanging stone be? Do I believe in the "flowing moral blood" of developers, or do I not believe it

fortunately, there is no dawn of policy on stone curtain walls. Jiangsu recently issued the notice on strengthening the management of building curtain wall in our province when the policy of building curtain wall management is not standardized and the market is lack of maturity, which has made many provisions on stone curtain wall: the application height of stone curtain wall should be limited, the wet pasting process of building exterior wall stone is strictly prohibited, and the height of dry hanging stone without column should not be higher than 30 meters, which undoubtedly adds a safety valve to the use of stone

in fact, even the falling of the painting layer of ordinary multi-storey buildings can hurt people. If the glass or stone curtain wall falls, the lethality can be imagined; In addition, now there are more and more high-rise buildings, and there are not a few super high-rise buildings above 100 meters. The falling acceleration will be even more amazing. In case of an accident, the consequences will be unimaginable. The past can not be remonstrated, and the future can still be pursued. Let's look forward to Hangzhou's early standardization of glass and stone curtain walls. Zhonghua glass () Department

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