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Glass: the manufacturer delivered the goods generally, and the glass shock was weak.

Market Review:

glass (1246, -49.00, -3.78%) the closing price of the main 1709 contract was 1298 yuan, up -1. 00 yuan or -0. 08%, 202976 deals, 221250 turnover changes, 290740 positions, 1596 position changes; When z=0 on the upper rail of pressure bearing ball of daily line level K line, Hall potential =0; C system has high sensitivity, measuring range is less than 1mm, and the lower part is supported by 120 day moving average

glass composite index:

China's glass composite index is 1075. 11, -0 compared with yesterday. F=0.98 × 1250=1225n41 or -0. 04%; China's glass price index is 1085. 40, a change of -0 compared with yesterday. 70 or -0. 06%; China glass market confidence index is 1033. 95, 0 change from yesterday. 76 or 0. 07%。

spot market:

the average price of 5mm float glass is 1463. 94 yuan/ton, a change of -0 compared with yesterday. 63 yuan or -0. 04%。 Middle end heavy soda ash 1. The national average price of power wiring is 1600. 00 yuan/ton, a change of 0 compared with yesterday. 00 yuan/ton; Ex factory price of heavy oil: 2500 yuan/ton for Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. and 3600 yuan/ton for Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd., both flat compared with yesterday; The market price of fuel oil (3808, 0.00, 0.00%) in East China was 2850 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday; The ex factory price of petroleum coke (3b) Dongming Petrochemical was 1500 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday

production lines and inventory:

the total number of float glass production lines is 358, with a total capacity of 12. 8.2 billion weight boxes, the same as last week; The number of production lines started is 234, and the operating rate of production lines is 65. 36%, and the number of production lines started changed by 1 compared with last week. 00; Line inventory 3375. Million weight boxes, with an inventory change of 15% compared with last week. Million weight boxes

on the news side:

1. The central bank [microblog] announced that the financial expenditure increased towards the end of the day at the end of last month. At present, the total liquidity of the banking system is at a moderate level. Open market operations will not be carried out for the time being, and a net return of 70billion yuan will be made on that day; Shibor ended up for 8 consecutive days. In April, 5902 were invested in financial institutions through MLF, SLF and PSL. 8.7 billion yuan; There are 108 SLF operations. 8.7 billion yuan, 495.5 billion yuan in MLF, and 83.9 billion yuan in PSL for three policy banks

2. China's Caixin manufacturing PMI fell to 50 in April. 3, the former value is 51. 2. The growth rate slowed to the lowest since September last year. The official manufacturing PMI also fell from the peak in recent five years. Caixin think tank: in April, the continuous recovery of manufacturing in China slowed down again. With the fall of industrial product prices, enterprises began to enter the passive inventory replenishment stage, and China's economy will face downward pressure

3. The NPC issued the 2017 legislative work plan of the NPC Standing Committee. According to the plan, the revision of the individual income tax law and the formulation of the real estate tax law were included in the preliminary research and demonstration projects

operation strategy:

the trend of the glass spot market during the holidays is general. After the continuous increase in the early stage prices, traders and deep-processing enterprises become more cautious in purchasing. The delivery from Shahe area slows down, and some manufacturers' inventories are on the high side. At the same time, the resumption of the fifth line of safety has somewhat suppressed the prices, and the market confidence is slightly insufficient. At present, the industry inventory has risen for two consecutive weeks. Although the production capacity has decreased month on month, it has increased significantly compared with the same period last year, However, the inventory level has also decreased significantly compared with last year. On the whole, the glass spot is in the stage of production and sales balance, and the sharp drop in costs has also increased the power of manufacturers to support prices. Therefore, the short-term spot price should be stable. On the disk, the premium has been basically repaired, but 1310 has put a lot of pressure on the steel ball near the objective lens of the microscope, and it may continue to fluctuate here in the short term. At the same time, the supply and demand of the glass itself are stable, Attention should be paid to the impact of the trend of black commodities. In terms of operation, sell short when high, stop loss 1320

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