Decoration forgot how to live in warm and cold day

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With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for home life are also slowly improving. The heating effect of air conditioning in winter has been unable to meet people's needs. At this time, the emergence of floor heating not only makes up for the lack of air conditioning in heating, but also improves the comfort of home heating. The weather is getting colder and colder in winter. If the floor heating is forgotten in the decoration of the home, Xiaobian really doesn't know how you survived. Today, camel floor heating Xiaobian will talk about the six reasons for choosing floor heating

first, floor heating makes up for the congenital deficiency of air conditioning in heating:

winter is not the strength of air conditioning heating. At that time, with floor heating, your home will be much warmer and more comfortable

second, floor heating is recognized as one of the most comfortable heating methods:

floor heating conforms to ergonomics and follows the principle of "warming starts from the foot"

third, in the severe winter, no one can refuse the temptation of walking barefoot on the ground in TV

if you are the protagonist of this house, you can't be heartbroken

IV. long service life and stable use of floor heating:

generally, the service life of floor heating is more than 50 years, without accidents. The service life of floor heating is about the same as that of buildings. There is no need to replace heating equipment, and it can be done once and for all

v. floor heating is very healthy and suitable for the elderly and children:

the elderly and children generally have weak physical resistance. Using floor heating can prevent the elderly from rheumatism, leg cold and other diseases,

prevent children from frostbite and so on. Floor heating is definitely the best choice for families with elderly and children

VI. floor heating does not affect the indoor beauty:

floor heating is installed under the floor and only occupies a certain floor height, which will not affect the indoor personalized decoration effect

floor heating, like central air conditioning, needs to be prepared before decoration, so don't wait until the cold weather comes to think of installing floor heating. When the time comes, climbing over the wall and falling to the ground, the gains outweigh the losses. The installation of floor heating as a concealed project should be carried out simultaneously with the decoration! Therefore, the owners who need decoration need to consider whether to install floor heating in advance




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