Quality identification methods of common coatings

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1. Varnish: high-quality varnish with clear and transparent paint color, light color and appropriate consistency. If there is turbidity and the sediment thickens, it indicates that the paint has changed and cannot be used without treatment

identification of true and false paint

1. Look at the shape. The paint contains less impurities. If the stirring is milky white, the line will be painted well

2. Look at the color. The good paint is naturally divided into three layers, the surface is oily or pork liver color, the middle layer is light yellow, and the bottom layer is gray white; All one color is fake paint

3. Smell. Good paint has aromatic or sour smell. If there is corruption or other strange smell, it is deteriorated paint or fake paint. Paint that has not dried for a long time is bad paint no matter how good it is

precautions when purchasing paint

the most effective way to prevent paint poisoning is to maintain good ventilation conditions at the painting site to reduce the concentration of toxic and harmful substances in the air. If the ventilation conditions at the painting site are not good, you should rest in the ventilation place for an irregular time after painting for a period of time. In addition, you should try to avoid contact with skin and solvent based paint. Therefore, necessary labor protection measures should be taken during coating, such as wearing tight ear work clothes, gloves, masks and protective glasses. Avoid direct contact with the skin and harmful gases entering the respiratory system. After painting, the tools and residual materials shall be cleaned in time, and the paint barrel shall be closed. The solvent barrel shall be covered, and the silk return and waste cloth head of the paint shall be disposed of in time. Avoid washing hands with toxic solvents (such as solvents with high benzene content), do not eat at the construction site, wash hands and face with soap before meals or after work, and change work clothes




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