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Shield guard Golden Gate focuses on stainless steel doors, copper doors, cast aluminum explosion-proof doors, with a sales network all over the country. It is a very famous safety door brand in the industry

shield guard Golden Gate focuses on stainless steel doors, copper doors and cast aluminum explosion-proof doors. After 12 years of persistence and perseverance, it has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has developed into a famous safety door brand in the industry with 25000 square meters of modern workshops, sales networks all over the country

the hot July is a good time for both manufacturers to work together. Hundreds of thousands of merchants from all over the country gather in the Pearl River Delta. If you are still hesitant, if you still feel confused, please come to shield guard

reasons to join shield guard


Super innovative

the design team of shield guard has always been in the forefront of the trend with a leading vision, has insight into the aesthetics and tastes of various groups, and constantly brings forth the new. Most of the works produced are self-developed and have their own intellectual property rights. It is the strong innovation ability that drives shield guard to move forward and maintain its leading position in the industry. A steady stream of original works give franchisees a strong backing to seize wealth opportunities


the product has high appearance value and excellent quality

shield guard uses high-quality raw materials, stainless steel is produced in Baosteel, and copper plate is produced in Luoyang; The advanced digging machine is purchased with heavy money to realize the integrated 90 degree bending process, which greatly improves the structural firmness and safety; Adopt high-quality hardware accessories, wear-resistant and durable; Nano electroplating process is both environmentally friendly and more anticorrosive

while ensuring the quality, the products of shield guard have great artistic beauty and artistic heritage, the integration of classicism and romance, the convergence of fashion and modernity, the extraction of natural scenery, the inheritance of the cultural essence of ancient and modern times and at home and abroad, and the detailed lines to outline artistic works. Shield guard products not only provide home safety, but also endow high-grade beauty enjoyment


nanny support and considerate service

from the moment of signing the cooperation agreement, the decoration of the exclusive store, sample selection, product training, business training, opening activities support and other links will be assisted by the shield guard team, such as nanny, to ensure that the franchisees set sail smoothly and with low risk this morning. The company builds an elite team of franchisees through national tour training or centralized training in the headquarters, and strives to make every franchisee become an expert in products and management

▲ shield guard Shen Huanqin, general manager Shen, teaches dealers


strong market strength and brand influence

years of market precipitation have created a solid market foundation. Countless franchised stores are distributed in 30 provinces across the country, serving countless families. In the turbulent and competitive market environment, the strong market strength and brand influence of shield guard are a powerful barrier to resist risks

friends from all over the country,

choice is more important than effort

keenly capture business opportunities,

firmly grasp the pulse of the development of the times,

take innovation + brand + strength as the main line

select the right partners

to achieve twice the result with half the effort,

realize overtaking in corners

shield guard will work hard with you to open the door of wealth and create a brilliant career

● shield guard high-end cast aluminum explosion-proof door, extraordinary temperament, different luxury

● shield guard Golden Gate | has beauty and strength

● shield guard | the simple style safety door is handsome

● shield guard | Chinese safety door + Chinese beautiful house, enjoy the modern oriental charm

● shield guard Golden Gate National Tour terminal special training Qingyuan station, create a confident champion team

● shield guard Golden Gate | excellent lock system, anti-theft performance

● decrypt the safety of shield guard Golden Gate: integrated edging, multiple anti prying grooves

Guangdong shield guard door industry, which specializes in manufacturing high-end stainless steel doors and copper doors, covers an area of 25000 square meters, has won the "top ten brands in China's door and window industry", "AAA enterprise with quality service reputation", "national consumer confidence and satisfaction brand", and has been elected as the "vice president unit of the steel door professional committee of Guangdong door association". (text/Lin yuanchu)





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