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Floor plays an important role in room decoration. The floor not only has a large area, but also has close skin contact with us. Environmental protection floor is the first consideration when we choose to buy floor. Environmental protection home life is the living space pursued by modern people

Shengda flooring is of first-class quality and is greatly sought after by consumers. In order to give back to the majority of consumers, Shengda held this signing activity for the president of Shengda flooring

on August 17, the signing meeting of the president of Shengda flooring was held in the central hall of Minggong building materials City, Peking University. The activity site was lively and popular. It is understood that the president of Shengda flooring signing activity, the whole line of products are from half price. The exhibition hall of Shengda floor is covered with price reduction labels of popular models. The price on the day of signing is much cheaper than usual, and the discount is unprecedented

many owners said that the price of this event was very favorable, so they made a special trip to attend the signing event of President Shengda, hoping to buy satisfactory products. The on-site shopping guides in the exhibition hall patiently explained the problems related to the floor from the material, pattern and splicing method of the floor. At about 11 o'clock at noon, Liu Bo, President of Shengda flooring business department, parachuted to the scene, and the owners lined up in a long queue, patiently waiting for the signing, and returned with a full load

according to the introduction of President Li of Shengda flooring Xi'an company at the event site, the president of Shengda flooring signed the event, starting from half the price of the whole line of products. At the event site, you can receive a lottery ticket with a payment receipt when you pay 2000 yuan. By analogy, the most important thing is that 100% of the raffle is won. In order to give back the support of the owners of the ancient city for many years, Shengda flooring has spent a lot of money this time. It has specially set up a wife award, 4 platinum diamond rings and 100 electric pressure cookers; The lucky prize is also very rich. It is a special maintenance kit of Shengda

have close face-to-face contact with the president of Shengda, and the big gifts are constantly coming. Juhui is coming. What are you waiting for? Hurry up




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