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On June 22, the world wave activity of Shengxiang floor home appliances finally came on stage under the CCTV tower near the third ring road! While enjoying the discount, the one-stop purchase service of the holy elephant floor also brings great convenience to customers

on June 22, the world wave activity of Shengxiang floor home appliances finally came on stage under the CCTV tower near the third ring road! During the on-site activities on that day, Shengxiang flooring reached an agreement with Dazhong Electric appliance. As long as customers who buy Shengxiang flooring will become VIP customers of Dazhong Electric Appliance, they can not only enjoy the exclusive discounts given by Dazhong Electric Appliance on that day, but also enjoy the follow-up exclusive customization services

home world wave

CCTV Tower is a landmark building in Beijing. It is a dream of many brands to hold a large-scale on-site activity here. Dazhong Electric appliance is a famous electrical appliance brand in Beijing, and it is the first place that people in Beijing will think of when buying electrical appliances. Through this cross industry alliance, it is bound to expand the brand influence of icon flooring and large and medium-sized electrical appliances to the extreme, and make a beautiful home world wave

the president came to the scene to cheer for the event

with the intermittent rainy weather in Beijing this year, the construction of the event site was carried out in an orderly manner. The site, which had been built since the afternoon of the previous day, took on a new look in the morning of the event day, with flags flying in an orderly manner! It has become an eye-catching scenic spot on the third ring road

there is not only the exhibition area with the holy elephant floor, but also the exhibition area surrounded by the holy elephant wardrobe and wooden door. This is also the new strategy that the holy elephant group has begun to make great strides in recent years - holy elephant, not just home! In 2013, Shengxiang group formulated a new five-year plan. By 2017, Shengxiang group will reach a market size of 10billion in the field of wood industry. At that time, the manufacturing and market brand system with six categories of wood floors, standard doors, wardrobes, integral kitchens, Shengshi ring furniture and Jianjia smart home as the main business segments will be an important support for Shengxiang to become a leading brand in the international wood industry. To this end, Mr. Guohui, President of Shengxiang group, came to the scene to cheer for the event

the results were obvious and the rewards were significant

after the activity began, the crowd on the scene continued to rush here from all directions, and there was a big traffic jam on the third ring road. Moreover, this was the scene after our pre-regulation. Before the start of the event, according to the number of pre-sale cards, we expect that customers will be very dense. In addition, the site is small, and the parking space beside the third ring road is limited. We have informed customers to come to the site in batches and wave every two hours to stagger the big congestion during the peak of the flow of people, which not only facilitates customers, but also relieves the huge pressure on the site

finally, after a whole day of hard work, a total of more than 800 orders were signed and nearly 10 million yuan were collected! In the off-season after May Day, we can still harvest this fruit, and everyone feels very excited! The hard work in the past more than a month has finally paid off handsomely. The way of heaven is really rewarded

participate in the quiz and win the prize

and this is also a unique return of the holy elephant floor to the holy elephant customers, in order to thank Beijing customers for their continued support to the holy elephant for more than a decade. While enjoying the discount, the one-stop procurement service also brings great convenience to customers

at the end of the event, Shengxiang floor also joined hands with Dazhong Electric Appliance to provide on-site customers with a hot World Cup championship quiz! As long as you buy the holy elephant floor or Dazhong electrical appliances, you can participate in the quiz. The ultimate reward is also very tempting - --- a brand voucher worth 4999 yuan! As a purely additional reward activity, the on-site customers reacted very warmly and participated in the quiz one after another, which is not only everyone's enthusiasm for the world cup, but also the deep feelings of customers and friends for the holy elephant and Dazhong

the successful opening of this event will not only bring convenience benefits to the people, but also promote the further development of icon flooring and bring the icon flooring brand into every family




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