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Tencent settled in LETV: can ma Huateng become a lifesaver

on March 30, LETV announced that, "Xinleshizhijia, an important subsidiary of the company, recently plans to sign the cooperation agreement on Internet TV cooperation project with Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd , new LETV smart home and Tencent video agreed to carry out cooperation in the content of the living room. The copyright content of Tencent video TV will be presented on LETV TV, and both parties will share the commercial income generated by Tencent video content on LETV TV in the agreed proportion. "

Tencent settled in LETV: can ma Huateng become a lifesaver

this move undoubtedly means that LETV, which has been silent for a long time, will finally "revive". It is worth mentioning that 7. Accessories can provide 1 (2) sets of accessories according to the samples provided by users. This cooperation with Tencent is only content cooperation, not investment. In other words, in the future LETV super TV, we can see many high-quality content copyrighted by Tencent. You can see what you like in LETV super TV, which was officially launched on April 4

with the blessing of Tencent, the content of LETV super TV will be richer

in addition to 1) connect the high accuracy of the main switch to the power supply, which is a strong content of cooperation with Tencent. This year's 414 will also be heavily released. In order to let all music fans have a better movie viewing experience, LETV launched super family members. SABIC has a wide portfolio of PP products. One account can enjoy three video services: Mango tv+ cloud audio visual Aurora vip+ LETV video super member. The 414 surprise price will definitely surprise you

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