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Terex crane assists in the hoisting of Rotterdam pedestrian overpass

Terex crane assists in the hoisting of Rotterdam pedestrian overpass

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Guide: Rotterdam, October 30, 2013 quot; De Netkous quot; It is a very famous pedestrian overpass in Rotterdam, across the A15 highway and railway line, and now connects the southern Rotterdam and its surrounding scenic spots. Wagenborg nedlift, a Dutch crane service provider, is working on three t

Rotterdam, October 30, 2013 - "de netkous" is a very famous pedestrian overpass in Rotterdam, which spans the A15 highway and railway line, and now connects the southern Rotterdam and its surrounding scenic spots. Wagenborg nedlift, a Dutch crane service provider, completed the erection of the bridge with the assistance of three Terex cranes. After careful planning, the preparation of two Terex AC all terrain cranes and a new material "1035" plan was basically completed, and a Terex CC crawler crane hoisted the 200 meter long bridge with special form template preparation software in place

"the reason why we choose to use three Terex cranes in this project is that they have the ability we need to ensure that we can complete the necessary lifting work twice within the set time, which is very safe and reliable," explained Jack bienen, project manager of wagenborg nedlift, who is responsible for bridge transportation and hoisting in the project. This bridge is called "netkous", which originally means "fishing socks". It is very magnificent and eye-catching as a whole. The bridge is divided into two parts and is transported to the operation site by self-propelled modular transportation platform (SPMT). Among them, the larger part is 100 meters long and weighs 350 tons; The other part is relatively small, 90 meters long and weighs 325 tons. In order to carry out this hoisting, the expressway and railway lines had to be completely closed. In this case, the wagenborg nedlift working group had only two days to complete the installation of the bridge

erection crane - in the process of rapid completion of

erection, the simple assembly design of Terex crane provides great convenience for the working group. Wagenborg working group drove two AC all terrain cranes to the site, each equipped with three transport vehicles. The erection speed is very fast. In less than an hour, both AC cranes are ready. Each crane is equipped with a 28.6-meter-long main boom, a 160 ton counterweight and a 9.6-meter outrigger base. "This job only takes up two of our members," Jack bienen said. In addition, the company dispatched 29 trucks to transport CC crawler cranes. It took four members a day to complete the erection of the crane. The crane adopts super lift configuration, with a 48 meter main boom, 120 ton counterweight and 250 ton super lift counterweight

at this time, the three Terex cranes are ready, and then the hoisting work will begin - lift the two parts of the bridge to the required height of about 20 meters, and place them on the bridge support. CC crawler crane with hanger is positioned on one side of the construction section, and two AC all terrain cranes are positioned on the other side. Three Terex cranes lifted the bridge part from the SPMT, maintaining perfect balance and precise coordination. "The working radius of CC is meters, which can be changed by adjusting the main boom. The working radius of AC is 16 meters," Jack bienen explained. When performing two lifts, the CC crawler crane operator Marcel broeders faced a special challenge - he not only lifted and rotated the bridge section, put it into the support, but also moved slowly under full load. After careful planning and perfect implementation, Marcel broeders and crane double swords combined to accomplish this task excellently. result? The erection of the bridge is completed within the specified time, and the expressway and railway lines can be opened on schedule and resume normal operation. "This can also take the method of clamp clamping) is exactly what we want," Jack bienen concluded

terex CC truss boom crawler crane introduction

terex CC is the most powerful truss boom crawler crane of the same grade. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 500 tons, a maximum lifting moment of 6140 m tons, a maximum loading radius of 146 m, and ssl/lsl 126 m + 36 m lf configuration. CC crane is famous for its super large loading capacity and excellent flexibility, and its super lift configuration is a highlight. The variable super lift radius and stepless luffing of the combination of SW and swsl boom give the crane a wider range of applications. According to the selected model, the length of the main boom can be up to 126 meters. In order to facilitate transportation, the design of the crane optimizes the weight, and the maximum weight of each part is only 39 tons. The user-friendly IC-1 touch screen crane control system is designed for simple and safe operation. For example, it can calculate the loading capacity of the middle section of the main boom

terex AC all terrain crane introduction

terex AC all terrain crane adopts an extremely compact design, and the chassis length is only 17.1 m (56 ft). With its telescopic main boom, the maximum working height of AC can reach 56 m (183.7 ft). After using the luffing jib, the maximum working height can be increased to 145.8 m (478 ft). Side pull super lift can achieve super strong lifting capacity within the full capacity range. The star shaped outrigger structure helps ensure the required stability. The ultra short erection time and easy-to-use control system provide safe crane operation and comfortable working conditions

about wagenborg nedlift

wagenborg nedlift was founded in 2001 and belongs to wagenborg group. It is an expert in heavy transportation and hoisting operations. The company has about 400 employees, who are responsible for the project work in Europe and other regions, and the service scope covers many industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, construction and infrastructure. The company's crane fleet is mainly composed of mobile cranes (with a maximum tonnage of 500 tons) and crawler cranes (with a maximum tonnage of 750 tons), including nearly 30 Terex cranes. Safety and quality are the two focuses of the company's corporate philosophy. To this end, the company applied for and passed ISO 9001, vca-p and VVT certification

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about Terex

Terex is a global diversified equipment manufacturer, focusing on providing reliable and customer-centric solutions for the construction, infrastructure, mining, mining, freight, transportation, refining, energy, utilities and manufacturing industries. Terex operates in five departments: aerial work platforms, construction machinery, lifting equipment, material handling port solutions, and material handling. Terex provides financial products and services through Terex financial services to assist customers in purchasing Terex equipment. More information about Terex

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