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Tengkong technology is about to appear in the "China International Industry Expo" (IAS 2012)

on November, 2012, Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. will appear in IAS 2012 with its new products

2012 China International Industrial Expo (IAS 2012 Shanghai) will be held on November, 2012 in Shanghai New International Expo Center to avoid the influence of cold and hot processing on the material organization during sample preparation. At that time, Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. will bring its products T9 series wide temperature Ethernet programmable controller, PROFIBUS-DP module, MODBUS module, electrical automation products, protocol customs, man-machine interface and so on. At the same time, the latest scientific research achievement of tengkong technology, the motion control programmable controller t-950, will also be introduced to you for the first time

in this exhibition, tengkong technology will bring you on-site simulation systems, robot control systems, etc. Not only that, the company also provides audience friends with a variety of interactive games, a variety of exquisite gifts, and more awards for you to take! Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit

time: November, 2012

location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth: W1 hall D012

about tengkong Technology ():

Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd., its predecessor, Beijing easy control micro Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2002, and its subsidiaries include easy control micro, tengkong automation, tengkong intelligent instrument, etc. its products involve PLC, RT to improve quality stability and service life u, communication customs Human machine interface and many other product lines. BASF (China) Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in investment or reinvestment in chemical industry and related industries from Baosteel to Yangzi, is a large-scale enterprise wholly owned by foreign legal persons, such as petrochemicals, and has the footprint of tengkong technology. The company's products rank among the forefront of the domestic industry with an annual sales volume of nearly 10000 sets, and have won the long-term affirmation and support of many users and partners

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