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Tengzhou Donggu plastic products Co., Ltd. held safety training

recently, Tengzhou Donggu plastic products Co., Ltd. invited staff of the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau and the town safety supervision squadron to the enterprise for safety training

in combination with the recent safety standardization acceptance work, Tengzhou Donggu plastic products Co., Ltd. actively prepared various materials. Step 1: check the displacement sensor of the tension machine and invite safety experts to the factory to guide safety production. Working environment: the staff of the safety supervision bureau first went deep into the site to check, pointed out the potential safety hazards on the site, and required the enterprise to immediately start rectification; Then it checked the archives of the enterprise in combination with the safety standardization acceptance standard, and gave advice on what should be supplemented and improved; Finally, some leading cadres and employees in key parts of the enterprise were summoned to carry out safety knowledge training. Continuous innovation has strengthened employees' awareness of safe reconnection of sensors and connections, which will further promote the safety development of the enterprise

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