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Terephthalic acid price narrow finishing

this week, East China terephthalic acid understands the demand of exhibitors, the market is relatively stable, the polyester chip operating rate has increased, the market is active, and the market reference price is 7800 ~ 7900 yuan. Main market features: Poly can also measure the elastic modulus E and proportional limit of materials σ p. Elastic limit σ E. the price of ester chips has stopped falling and stabilized, the production cost of terephthalic acid is high, and the willingness of manufacturers to sell has weakened; The operating rate of polyester chips increased, and the market demand for terephthalic acid increased, which restrained the continuous decline of terephthalic acid prices; The price of terephthalic acid in Southeast Asia fluctuated slightly, and the price on December 11 was about US $775

aftermarket forecast: the market demand for terephthalic acid is increasing, and the mentality of market participants is gradually improving. It is expected that the price of terephthalic acid will still be slightly at the current price next week. China's rubber consumption ranks first in the world for 11 consecutive years

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