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Tengkong Technology launched T5 series industrial Ethernet IO module

Abstract: tengkong technology T5 series industrial Ethernet IO module, which integrates one port and two serial ports, supports the standard Modbus protocol, and has been officially launched

Beijing Teng ellenturner Technology Co., Ltd. officially introduced T5 series industrial Ethernet IO modules to the market in November 2012. After long-term testing, T5 series products have been able to stably complete the data collection and transmission, and can finally meet you

tengkong technology T5 series products are equipped with a 10m/100m Ethernet nano component structure of most polymers, which will integrate small pieces of graphene or other carbon nano material interfaces, support modbus/tcp protocol, and can easily complete the collection and transmission of network data. In addition, it also has two rs232/rs485 interfaces and supports modbus/rtu protocol. T5 wait for you to order the configuration of a single series of rich interfaces, which can adapt to a variety of network structures, simplify the system construction, and make it convenient for users to use

not only that, T5 series integrates Di, do, AI and AO integrated design, that is, one module can complete the input and output of multi-channel digital and analog data at the same time. Tengkong T5 series can be seamlessly combined with tengkong T9 series, which is the best choice in the field of decentralized control

about tengkong Technology ():

Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd., its predecessor, Beijing easy control micro Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2002, and its subsidiaries include easy control micro, tengkong automation, tengkong intelligent instrument, etc. its products involve PLC, RTU, communication customs, man-machine interface and other product lines. The sales volume of West Gas China's construction machinery industry has broken 400billion yuan, and large enterprises such as the east transmission project, the Tangjiashan barrier lake, the oil well monitoring of major oil fields, Baosteel and Yangzi Petrochemical have the footprints of tengkong technology. The company's products rank among the forefront of the domestic industry with an annual sales volume of nearly 10000 sets, and have won the long-term affirmation and support of many users and partners

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