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Bearing the weight of the world - Doosan Infracore 80 years of glory

bearing the weight of the world - Doosan Infracore 80 years of glory

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December 28, 2016 - 2017, Doosan Infracore will officially usher in its 80th founding. Please remove the important node of the small angle anniversary in time. At that time, Doosan Infracore will officially launch the "80th anniversary" theme commemorative logo to commemorate and highlight the company's brilliant history and wonderful stories over the past 80 years


carrying the weight of the world - Doosan Infracore has been honored for 80 years

since its establishment in 1937, Doosan Infracore has carried the weight of the world. Its business spans many markets and fields around the world, and cooperates with all stakeholders to lead the global operation of Doosan group, work together to provide customers with high-quality products and top-level services, carry out infrastructure construction for the benefit of mankind, and march into a world-class enterprise

in the 80 year development process, Doosan Infracore has always implemented the people-oriented business philosophy theory, with "quality management and leading technology" as the business policy, and built an advanced global integrated quality management system of the group. Doosan Infracore has made great progress in pursuit of a unique career strategy, and continues to develop at an amazing growth rate. Adhering to the concept of "customer-centric", Doosan Infracore adheres to reform and innovation. Its business covers the production and sales of construction machinery, heavy equipment, engines, skid steer loaders and other fields, and ranks first in the world in terms of market share of wheel excavators, small construction equipment and air anti rust gas compression curve reanalyzer and accessories. Among them, Doosan 20 ton medium-sized excavator and 5.5 ton small excavator have become the star products of Doosan Infracore

at the same time, Doosan Infracore actively considers the fundamental driving force that can promote sustainable development in the field of social contribution, and strives to make meaningful social contribution behavior for the regional society. Doosan Infracore attaches importance to the talent training of the next generation. Dream school is a representative social contribution activity carried out by Doosan to support the development of the next generation. Doosan Infracore has carried out a series of training on the operation and maintenance of construction machinery in order to help young people who have retired from children's welfare institutions cultivate their self-reliance, and donated prototypes (engines, excavators) manufactured in the product development stage to educational institutions to contribute to the training of engineering talents. In China, Doosan Infracore has always regarded public welfare undertakings as its social responsibility, and through continuous practice and efforts, it has better realized its vision of "building a better China"

carrying the weight of the world - Doosan Infracore has been honored for 80 years

in the next 80 years, Doosan Infracore will still follow its business philosophy theory, strive to maximize the interests of customers through products and services that meet the value of customers, carry out infrastructure construction that benefits human life, and will continue to move towards a new height and move forward to become the best enterprise

doosan Infracore history:

1937 North Korea Machinery Manufacturing Institute founded

1986 self-developed excavators began mass production

1994 entered China, Establish Doosan cask wine engineering machinery (China) Co., Ltd.

2007 merge bobcat, which has the world's most competitive in the field of small construction equipment

2008 completion of China's loader production plant

2011 successful breakthrough in the production and sales of 100000 excavators in China

2013 completion of China's loader R & D center

2016 full launch of 9C series new products and the upgrading of EFI machines

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