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Terex: heavy assets vs minimally invasive new two wheel drive for development

Terex: heavy assets vs minimally invasive new two wheel drive for development

China Construction Machinery Information

for Terex, China is an important element of its global strategy. As the largest construction machinery market in the world, a few years ago, the Chinese market has become an independent business unit of Terex, and the person in charge can report directly to the chairman. All the product divisions of Terex entering China have realized localized operations, which helps Terex make accurate and rapid decisions and actions during the downturn of the global machinery industry, With its unique magnetism, it attracts people from different races and cultures around the world and helps them walk out of the trough together

in the continuous changes, Terex, an American listed company that has passed through rounds of industrial troughs, sees the troughs as the best opportunity to distance itself from its competitors. In order to overcome the troughs in the machinery industry, Terex pays more attention to strengthening its core competitiveness, winning with quality, and paying attention to the safety needs of users at any time

providing solutions for customers of machinery and industrial products to produce excellent productivity and return on investment has become the strategic axis of Terex's global evolution journey. As for the secret that Terex's performance has not been hampered by the whirlpool of the machinery industry and remains under the canopy of the world's top three, the vice president of Terex (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in China Tian Qi, chief financial officer, said: "The past few years have undoubtedly been full of challenges for construction machinery enterprises, most of which have experienced a sharp decline in market demand and performance for the first time. However, some multinational companies, including Terex, have experienced many fluctuations, and we know that cyclical fluctuations are the natural law of industrial development. Rapid growth is not the goal to pursue now, and the most important problem for enterprises at present is whether or not Continuously improve the innovation of brand and technical strength. From the current situation, although the industry is in the transition stage, the market demand for construction machinery is still strong, and the global market demand is still considerable. In the past era of high-speed growth, enterprises blindly attacked cities and occupied land, pursued scale expansion and market share, resulting in many problems in the industry that have not been solved. Now that the industry has entered a period of medium-speed growth, there is just time and conditions to use micro innovation to solve some problems that were not digested in mergers and acquisitions in the past. "

two wheel drive

compared with the traditional closed box girder crane, the veteran "lifting machinery expert" Demag Baodao, who has joined Terex for three or four years, is not old. The innovative new main beam of its V-shaped crane reduces the vibration frequency by 30%, and the average weight is reduced. The phase I Industrial Park of ceramic aluminum new materials in the city has a production capacity of 500000 ceramic aluminum high-performance pistons, 260000 sets of automobile lightweight parts and 5000 tons of ceramic aluminum new materials by 17%, The service life has doubled, reaching more than 500000 load cycles. The person in charge of the general crane business product line of the material handling business department of Torres said, "our V-shaped design has a clear vision and conforms to the dynamic principle. This unique girder meets all the requirements of the first-class design and the handling speed is faster."

in the list of the 62nd German if international design award in 2015, Demag, which is in line with apple watch smart watches, Samsung curved screens, hammers and other fashionable cutting-edge products, won the if design award again with the excellent design of the new v-crane. As a pioneer and innovation leader in the field of material handling, Terex acquired Demag hoisting machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2012, which has become a strong supplement to Terex's high-altitude operation business. The strong combination is aimed at Europe and emerging markets to expand China's market share. Many successful mergers and acquisitions and rich shareholder returns have made mergers and acquisitions the core competitive advantage of Terex. Behind the mergers and acquisitions, there is an implied release effect that consolidates the king of Terex's aerial work segment, which makes competitors in China feel unexpectedly mature and farsighted three years later

Terex's newly established material handling and port solutions department first "tested the water" in the Chinese market, and its business growth was gratifying. At the same time, after years of careful cultivation, the business of aerial work platform and crushing and screening equipment has also begun to "thrive". The powerlift series small and medium tonnage crawler cranes produced in Jinan crane base in Shandong Province are not only sold to the domestic market, but also have a firm foothold in the markets of the Middle East and Southeast Asia; Toplift series truck cranes produced in Luzhou factory in Sichuan are also hot Sold in overseas markets;, In August 2014, the fourth 3200 ton crawler crane sold by Terex in China successfully signed a contract with Shaanxi Chemical Construction Co., Ltd., which became a new milestone for Terex and the whole crane industry. One breakthrough after another made Terex's Chinese element more and more strong

with Terex's breakthroughs in China, since the establishment of a joint venture in China in 1988, Terex's dedicated layout in the Chinese market has never been interrupted, and has successively established a number of wholly-owned and joint-venture companies in Baotou, Changzhou, Shanghai, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and other places. In 2012, Terex Changjiang introduced a new strategic partner, China National Machinery Industry Group. In 2014, Terex increased its 65% equity of Terex topneng (Shandong) heavy manufacturing Co., Ltd. to 98%, and changed its name to Terex crane (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. At the same time, in order to stabilize the market share, it is planned to introduce German Demag technology to produce crawler cranes to serve customers in China and overseas markets. Terex also emphasizes the localization of products and R & D. Changzhou factory has now made all products of genie, and the export of Changjiang crane has increased significantly year on year. Quanzhou factory provides oil electric hybrid fault 2, which is popular with domestic users: the tensile test machine generates abnormal driving force when working, mobile material handling equipment, and Zhangzhou factory provides a variety of mobile port machines and other port equipment

Tian Qi, who is committed to taking root in China for a long time, R & D and M & a two wheel drive, and has experienced in manufacturing enterprises for many years, said frankly that Terex has expanded the size and core business scope of the company by acquiring and developing new products to increase market share. In addition, we are also concerned about expanding the geographical coverage of products and strengthening services to developing regions such as China and India. These measures will help reduce the impact caused by potential cyclical changes in any product category or any geographical market, not only expand the company's product range and geographical coverage, add new technologies, but also improve Terex's global distribution network. "Terex China has cooperation with central enterprises and private enterprises. Its factories in Xiamen, Quanzhou, Jinan and Luzhou are joint-venture factories. The strategy of cooperation is mainly based on Terex's advanced technology. Through the inherent manufacturing capacity or market channels of Chinese partners, we can complete the technology transfer and open the market in a short time. We have successful experience in mergers and acquisitions in China, but also have lessons from failure." Tian Qi said

in 2013, Volvo Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. used US $160million to acquire the assets and intellectual property rights of the off highway dump truck business of Terex Corporation as a whole. At present, the transaction is pending approval by the regulatory authorities. The acquisition projects include the main production plant located in the Motherwell region of Scotland, the two product series of rigid and articulated trucks, the sales right of dump trucks in the United States, and the 25.2% share of Inner Mongolia North Heavy Truck Co., Ltd

long term strategic cooperation rather than short-term profit pursuit is the key to the success of the project. In mergers and acquisitions, we should avoid the short-sighted behavior of seeing only trees but not forests. Tian Qi told, "Due diligence before restructuring is very important. Potential debts and risks should be revealed as much as possible through investigation. In particular, the special legal, financial accounting and tax environment of Chinese local enterprises will bring many special problems that need attention to multinational companies. An expert group or project team with both international and local practical experience is very important. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the M & a object meets the strategic development needs of the enterprise, joint venture Enterprises should find common interests of both sides, so as to ensure the long-term development of integrated business. With the rise and fall of the machinery industry, we found that the most competitive companies are those that have made achievements in the professional high-end fields of market segments, rather than blindly striving for scale. "

process innovation

since 2011, local enterprises in China's construction machinery industry have been troubled by debt risks caused by aggressive credit sales, coupled with the decline of downstream demand after excessive stimulation, the whole industry has fallen into a trough. However, against the backdrop of a turnaround in the international market and the effectiveness of the Chinese government's internal and external stimulus policies in 2015, China's construction machinery industry, whose credit sales risk exposure is shrinking, may usher in a turnaround

ten years ago, Terex established a new enterprise operation group with the goal of developing and applying world-class supply chain management, logistics and global procurement capabilities. After many explorations, the global procurement center in Beijing also effectively achieved the visual effect of physical measurement. "Historically, the decision-making of Terex's supply chain in the past varies with different factories, and the overall scale of Terex has not been fully utilized. Now, according to the company's global purchasing power and resources, Terex will focus on the efficiency of suppliers in a way that surpasses individual business units. Although local institutions still retain it, Terex is working hard to comprehensively reduce costs, improve quality, simplify operating systems and optimize new product launches Time to market, committed to using its overall scale, integrating suppliers, and clearing within the entire organization In addition to the inherent habits. " Tian Qi attaches great importance to the cost innovation behind Terex's global procurement center

how to make use of the globally intertwined management approach Get rid of old habits? Tian Qi said frankly that in the face of enterprises with rapid expansion or frequent mergers and acquisitions, standardization is a very important management mode, which can avoid blind impetuosity. Simple and effective management has helped us avoid many detours

Tian Qi and her improvement team found in a workshop on-site improvement activity that the distance between the two stations is very long, and it is necessary to use electric hoists to carry materials to another platform. Such a process setting results in multiple handling and unloading, which is a great waste of labor costs. Tian Qi's improvement team proposed to simplify the process. Through technical improvement, after combining the two platforms into one platform, the labor cost was reduced by 30% all at once. This is only one part of many process transformation, and more process innovation has aroused great interest of Terex people. Tian Qi is very happy to share the innovation after the grafting of Torres' business management system and six sigma. "Innovation includes two kinds, one is the innovation of products and services, and the other is actually the innovation of processes. In terms of process innovation, our company has a better model, which originated from Toyota's lean production model. We all use this model in administrative management, including finance." Tian Qi has used more scientific methodology and tools in her daily work, and she has a lot of experience in using them. She recognized

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