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Terex South Road Machine csw1060j+683 is used for coal crushing and screening

Terex South Road Machine csw1060j+683 is used for coal crushing and screening

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a province in the northwest of China, located in the hinterland of Eurasia, is a world-famous hub of the silk road connecting the East and the West in history, a bridgehead for the western development, and has very rich mineral resources, In particular, the reserves of coal resources are huge

since its establishment, Terex South Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to the market development in this region, and has made remarkable achievements. Dozens of mobile crushing and screening equipment have been sold, and a wealth of cases have been accumulated. Many cases are recommended to users for the first time in China. From the current use effect, they have brought very significant economic benefits to users

csw1060j tire trailer mobile jaw crusher +683 crawler mobile double-layer screening machine, this new combination mode has recently been successfully used by a coal mining enterprise in this region. This equipment combination is a process flow and equipment combination tailored for Terex South Road Machinery and its agents to reduce the purchase cost and use cost of users' equipment and fully meet users' needs for equipment mobile frequency after communicating with users to fully display nt and JT curves. The specific advantages are:

1 Low procurement cost: compared with crawler type mobile Hubei crusher + crawler type mobile screening machine, the combined procurement cost is significantly reduced by about 1.5 million yuan, which is convenient for the start of the enterprise's capital turnover project

2. Easy to move: the csw1060j+683 combination also meets the user's needs for mobility and easy transfer. There is no need to connect any belt conveyor externally. Production can start after the equipment is quickly connected on site. Installation and transfer do not need crane assistance, which is very convenient. It can also achieve the effect of two crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment in place for production and rapid transfer

3. Strong adaptability on site: csw1060+683 combination, users can produce independently in parallel or split according to the needs of on-site operation. 683 is a crawler driven by diesel engine. Users can drive to the raw material comparison at any time. It has become the mining area with the largest utilization of market crushing of CFRTP. There is no need to crush and screen the finished products on site, which can be sold on site, reducing the high material reshipment cost of dump truck

4. Low operating cost: csw1060j is a tyre type mobile electric drive, with a total power of 108 kW, and the power consumption per hour is less than 87 yuan (excluding peak load shifting). Compared with the crawler type mobile ebook driven by diesel engine, the power cost is saved by about 160 yuan per hour, the profitability of users is greatly improved, and the products are more competitive

Terex South Road Machine csw1060j+683 is applied to coal crushing and screening

mobile crushing and screening equipment has the characteristics of integrated unit, flexible mobility, free combination on site, etc. As the leader of the global mobile crushing and screening equipment industry, Terex designs and produces first-class crushing and screening equipment with its deep technical accumulation, mature product design, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service and customer orientation

Terex South Road Machine csw1060j+683 is applied to coal crushing and screening

the mobile crushing and screening equipment of Terex south road machine adopts the installation form of integrated unit, which eliminates the complicated site infrastructure construction and installation operations, and reduces the consumption of materials and man hours. In the process of short-distance transfer, the crawler type can be self-propelled, and the tire type can retract the outriggers and use the front of the car to tow, which is very convenient

in the process of use, the user will crush the raw coal block through the tire type mobile jawbone csw1060j, and then use the crawler type mobile screening machine 683 to grade the coal into three kinds of materials above M, mm and 50mm, and the block coal above 50mm will be sold to local residents for heating; Mm sold to the power plant for power generation; Mm is sold to steel mills for steelmaking, with an hourly output of 160 tons (calculated according to the specific gravity of material pile of 1.1 tons per cubic meter when this standard is published). The program assumes that it has not exited the experimental state and prompts that compared with the raw coal without crushing and screening at the end of the experiment, the raw coal is distinguished according to the particle size and used in different fields, which improves the combustion efficiency, reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, and greatly improves the enterprise profit at the same time

with the deepening of reform, this region is the bridgehead of the West and an important energy town, and will certainly become a battleground for all construction machinery giants. Terex South Road opportunity will, as always, provide our customers with the highest quality equipment, the highest quality after-sales service, and more economical and reasonable technical solutions, and truly create higher value and benefits for users

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