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Tengkong technology npm510 is about to be launched.

the exquisite npm510, which supports PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus, will meet you soon

tengkong technology npm510 is not only a power instrument, but also an intelligent terminal of on-site power system, making engineering power more intelligent and safer. It can be used to measure three-phase AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor, harmonic, three electric degrees and other electrical parameters, and can measure various signals output by the frequency converter. Not only that, it can also realize remote monitoring, improve product quality and durability, synchronously push and pull data, and remote diagnosis...

tengkong technology npm510 can become the monitoring center of power data, It is an intelligent node of IOT cloud application, taking a cubic meter cube box as an example; It can realize the functions that RTU can realize; What's more amazing is that it supports PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus and Modbus protocol, which brings a more convenient experience for your field installation and becomes a powerful support for the grade and competitiveness of domestic power products

tengkong technology npm510 is not only powerful, but also beautiful in appearance. High end digital display interface, fine workmanship, selected materials, awesome your system engineering. For more detailed performance, please consult Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. and contact

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Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd., its predecessor, Beijing easy control, will be connected. The greening of micro plastic additives should include the greening of raw material selection, the greening of synthesis process, the greening of auxiliary products, the renewable utilization and environmental absorption of auxiliary products. The company was founded in 2002, and its subsidiaries include easy control micro, tengkong automation Tengkong intelligent instrument and other subsidiaries, whose products involve many product lines such as PLC, RTU, communication customs, man-machine interface, etc. From the west east gas transmission project to the Olympic Games project, from the Tangjiashan barrier lake to the oil well monitoring of major oil fields, from Baosteel to Yangzi Petrochemical and other large enterprises, tengkong technology has footprints. The company's products rank among the forefront of the domestic industry with an annual sales volume of nearly 10000 sets, and have won the long-term affirmation and support of many users and partners

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