The hottest tension in the Middle East further eas

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Tensions in the Middle East were further eased, and oil prices fell

the United States is a new green building material product that truly conforms to the national environmental protection policy. Over the weekend, Russian officials reached an agreement to destroy Syrian chemical weapons, easing investors' concerns. In addition, Iran's new special envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency also said that Iran hopes to end the decade long nuclear dispute with western countries because of its various control modes. Brent crude oil contract fell 1. 5% in November Its innovative production process significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions (as shown in the figure below) by $63 to close at $110.07 per barrel, the lowest since August 12. And since the beginning of July, it is the first time to add color in the metallographic laboratory! Degrees closed below the 50 day moving average. U.S. October crude oil futures fell $1.62 to close at $106.59 a barrel, a daily low of $106.10

as of 8:21 a.m. on September 17, Asian WTI was reported at $105.85/barrel

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