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Dongying City deploys to carry out special inspection on safety production of chemical and dangerous chemical enterprises

Dongying City deploys to carry out special inspection on safety production of chemical and dangerous chemical enterprises

May 23, 2017

[China paint information] on the 22nd, it was learned that from now until the end of July, Dongying Safety Supervision Bureau will carry out special inspection on safety production of chemical and dangerous chemical production, storage and transportation enterprises in the city, and crack down on all kinds of illegal, illegal Violations to ensure the stability of the city's production safety situation

the scope of this inspection covers all chemical and dangerous chemical production, storage and transportation enterprises in the city. We will focus on cracking down on all kinds of illegal activities in violation of the administrative license, such as the failure to obtain the administrative license for work safety, strictly investigate the illegal oil transfer business activities, severely crack down on illegal subcontracting, Subleasing of production and business premises, facilities or leasing of production and business premises, the establishment of real-time in-situ dynamic collection and utilization of multiple signals, and the illegal production and business activities of chemicals by means of factory in factory, hospital in hospital, etc., and strictly investigate the production, business and construction without authorization after closure and ban, If it is not closed or not closed in place, check the fire-fighting facilities and emergency capacity-building as well as other violations

this inspection is divided into three stages: comprehensive inspection, centralized rectification and supervision and inspection. In the comprehensive investigation stage, all counties, districts and municipal development zones have implemented the investigation of improving the product creation and development ability to the township and grid people. Based on the principle of "who is qualified, who is responsible", they carry out a pull-up investigation to the jurisdiction, screening one by one, especially the actual operating varieties of non hazardous chemical storage enterprises, and the grid people sign and endorse the investigation accounts in the grid, In combination with the investigation, the "one volume for one county and one volume for one town" was updated and improved. In the centralized rectification stage, all counties, districts and municipal development zones strictly implement the "Four Unifications" for illegal enterprises found in the investigation, resolutely crack down on them and close them down; Urge the enterprise to rectify the problems and hidden dangers found immediately. If it is difficult to rectify in place at the moment, the enterprise shall be ordered to stop production, stop work, stop using and rectify within a time limit. During the supervision and inspection stage, all counties and districts summarized this special inspection and established a long-term supervision system. The municipal safety committee will organize Bao county and district inspection teams to supervise and inspect the investigation and centralized rectification of counties and districts by means of open and secret visits, so as to truly understand the truth, find problems and promote work

all counties and districts are required to strictly implement "the wrong interface of the party may cause damage to the equipment: the same responsibility for politics, double responsibility for one post, and joint efforts. 3. Test 210 according to this method, so that the pressure of the sample is removed after the sample is let go" and the standardized real name system management of safety production. The effectiveness of special inspection is always based on the standardization, and the qualified personnel should be adjusted in time after changes. In the inspection activities, the article of "Three Combinations" should be carefully done, that is, it should be combined with the ongoing comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals as an effective carrier of comprehensive management; Combine with the "big, fast and strict" centralized action to deepen the theme of centralized action; Combined with the deployment of "four ratings and one rating" for the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, it is a powerful starting point for rating and evaluation activities. In the work, we should firmly grasp the "three highlights", that is, we should highlight the "whole" in touch and arrangement, and resolutely leave no dead corners and blind spots; Crack down on illegal and illegal behaviors, highlight "strictness" and resolutely avoid future troubles; Supervision and regulatory measures highlight "reality" and resolutely leave no room for it

this special inspection was strictly implemented, and the hidden dangers found in the rectification were fixed on, resolutely rectified, and followed up for effectiveness. For safety accidents caused by failure to perform the standard seriously, omission of investigation, or failure to implement and work in place, relevant units and personnel, especially qualified personnel, shall be seriously investigated

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