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Teradata customer journey analysis solutions create excellent customer experience

Teradata customer journey analysis solutions create excellent customer experience

-- data science helps enterprise marketing, links all customer interaction materials, and ensures personalized customer journey

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China, Beijing - Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world's leading supplier of data analysis solutions, released Teradata customer journey analysis solutions (Teradata x12crmowvnbn10 ⑴ ⑴ steel has good castability, hardenability, oxidation resistance, weldability and durability). Relying on the comprehensive ability of the solution, the enterprise can identify various behavior paths of each customer, determine the best interaction scheme for the next step, and provide a consistent personalized brand experience through each channel and contact point. The solution uses Teradata Tianrui's reliable consulting services, real-time customer data integration, advanced behavior analysis, multi-channel marketing automation and other technologies to help chief marketing officers get rid of the old-fashioned one-to-one marketing strategy based on purchase records and traditional customer information, and truly understand the experience of all individual customers. Relying on the insights gained from Teradata's customer journey analysis solution, marketers can optimize the goals of response rate and conversion rate, service delivery, customer churn rate and customer satisfaction, and quickly obtain business results with significant impact, such as revenue growth and customer retention

although the interaction channels continue to innovate, making it extremely challenging to build a comprehensive view of individual customers, customers still need a consistent, personalized and highly relevant experience every time they interact with the brand. Creating a higher quality customer experience requires real-time integration of data from all or offline customer touchpoints. In fact, most enterprises are difficult to combine various technologies with island data, and cannot understand, predict and contact every individual customer as a whole

Dan Harrington, executive vice president of consulting and support services of Teradata Tianrui, said: managing each customer individually according to the interaction between customers and enterprises requires integrating different types of data and using complex multi type analysis techniques to understand these data. Even the most well-known enterprises in the world believe that it is an impossible task to understand the billions of events that have occurred to millions of customers in real time. Only Teradata Tianrui can cope with this challenging task. Teradata customer journey analysis solution shows the reliable experience accumulated by Teradata in practical cooperation with the world's largest, most innovative and customer-centric enterprises. Based on the individual interaction of each customer, this solution provides marketers with a comprehensive view of customers, so that they can provide appropriate help to customers in a timely manner

Gartner research company pointed out that it is expected that by 2018, the sales of enterprises that fully invest in various types of online personalized services will be 30% higher than those that do not invest in personalized services. The research company also pointed out that the Jinan assaying tensile machine was an instrument, system or device invented by the Englishman Armstrong Jean to test the heavy hammer accumulator and a variety of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic components, test the strength, stiffness, hardness, elasticity, plasticity, toughness, ductility and surface and internal defects of materials (metallic materials, non-metallic materials), parts, components and structures, The key to the gap between manufacturers lies in the channel targeted by the solution, the integration method of seemingly unrelated interactive content, the existing tools that provide customer journey visualization function, and the output information for other systems

alickrocca, head of management information/Business Intelligence Department of JD Williams, a leading shopping and home shopping station in the UK, said: together with Teradata, we can accurately integrate the detailed interactive content of customers and link with the unique customer ID in Teradata database. Teradata aster analytics helps us build richer customer views based on these linked data. For example, we found that customers like to use mobile devices to browse, and then buy goods through another channel. Insights like this help us build a better marketing attribution model, more rationally determine the way of advertising, and bring considerable return on marketing investment

typical experience of enterprises using Teradata customer journey analysis solution:

Teradata customer journey analysis solution uses the following functions to realize customer journey:

it can test and analyze the mechanical properties of metals, nonmetals and composites

Real time intelligent data integration

no matter where the data is generated or stored, it can integrate the data and provide a comprehensive view of each individual customer

obtain digital and offline interactive content in real time from pages, mobile devices or payment systems

integrate the distributed data of cloud, data lake and data warehouse

quickly and easily accept new data, new channels and new marketing activities

multi type analysis

relying on the real-time decision-making of machine learning, it realizes a wide range of advanced predictive, descriptive and guiding analysis technologies

no matter where the data is, it can help marketers use these advanced analysis solutions

use path analysis to integrate customer events, provide marketers with a unique view of each customer's behavior, enrich traditional customer information through personalized and personal messages, and help customers achieve their goals

interactive management

delivery supports real-time decision-making and automation, and multi-channel marketing activity management functions that can be expanded according to data volume and communication type

provide advanced and flexible customer segmentation, customer journey planning and decision-making functions

support open source technology that can add data for decision-making from any source and support all inbound or outbound marketing channels (including digital channels)

help the marketing management make important improvements to the marketing process and tools to ensure the maximum effect of marketing activities

each of the above functions can enhance the adaptability of enterprises to business development. Teradata customer journey analysis solution is scalable, supporting the growing amount of data, more analysis models, and the evolving method of interaction between the growing customer base and the brand through new channels

teradata customer journey analysis solution has been officially released

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