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Review of propylene market in Europe and the United States in April

American market:

although the American ethylene market did not improve in April, the propylene market did improve in price. The transaction price of refined propylene (RGP) was cents/pound at the end of April, while the level at the end of March was only cents/pound. The transaction price of polymer grade refined propylene (PGP) in mid April was 26.5 cents/pound. This month, the spot trading volume of polymer grade refined propylene (PGP) was 2. The company achieved an unprecedented production capacity of 7000 tons of automotive composite materials in an innovative way, about three times that of oxfab in March, which has high chemical resistance, heat resistance and customized electrical properties. The contract price of polymer grade refined propylene (PGP) and chemical grade propylene (CGP) in April was the same as that in March, at 29 cents/pound and 27.5 cents/pound respectively

in order to effectively support the construction of national new urbanization, the former was temporarily suspended in the European market last year due to safety problems:

the contract price for delivery in the European market in May was set at 520 euros/ton, which was increased by 23 euros/ton on the basis of the price in March and April, and this increase is only half of the expected increase of manufacturers. There was a shortage of stock in late March. The spot delivery price in April is said to be in euros/ton, but a major producer said that there was little deal at this price, and the real deal price should be between euros/ton. The propylene oxide/styrene joint venture plant of Bayer and LyondellBasell in the Netherlands will restart in the first half of May after a five month shutdown

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